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Leaks of video games like “Far Cry 6” are almost impossible to stop.

Big games are causing massive leaks, especially this time of year when the gaming industry’s porous promotion machines are on the rise for the E3 trade show.

News Driving: It happened again on Thursday when eight minutes of Ubisoft’s upcoming “Far Cry 6” leaked online the day before it appeared. It was deleted in a few minutes. But thousands of people still see it.

Large Image: Massive video game leaks are almost impossible to stop.

  • Companies have made a number of efforts to screw the pipes, including blacklisting pharmacies and prosecuting oil producers.
  • But the more promising the upcoming games are, the more people will be involved, and the more public curiosity will be, the more likely they are to leak.
  • “There are too many opportunities for middle-class employees to turn their laptops on a plane in games,”
    ; former Ubisoft creative director Alex Hutchinson told Axios, referring to the notorious way of the formerly secret mega-game title. Leaked in 2013 (Sometimes the laptop is turned on on the subway).

“Far Cry 6” event It appears to be associated with confusion on the date of a comprehensive import ban.

  • The clip was posted to YouTube by Polish YouTuber Patryk Patryk “Rojson” Rojewski, who told Axios that Ubisoft had provided the clip under an agreement that said it would premiere on May 27.
  • Rojewski said he was not informed that Ubisoft changed the date. “I approached the job professionally,” he said.

Several minutes A video of Ubisoft’s new game “The Division: Heartland” leaked two weeks ago.

  • Ubisoft allows some players early access to an in-progress version of the game so they can test it.
  • The company showed those users a briefing video from the “Heartland” developers, who ended their overview by asking them not to leak: “Please don’t be the one who spoils the surprise of the Division community. Bigger “

Not just Ubisoft (Although very often) Game screenshots and video previews. “Battlefield”, the sequel to EA that has been highly anticipated for weeks.

Between the lines: It’s unclear if the leak will help or ultimately hurt the game’s performance given the tension that the highly-anticipated games are the most frequently leaked.

For the morale of game developers The leak has a more obvious effect.

  • Some game makers say the leaks provide little relief by letting them know what they’re doing in secret, often over the years.
  • But it’s very common to hear such a feeling by Hutchinson: “I always felt it was discouraging and pointless,” he said. It was broken by half truths and rumors that would negatively affect the real announcement. ”

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