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Lebanese singer Samir Sfeir has been deported from Saudi Arabia.

“I was disturbed by the appearance. I hope they tell me to leave and not come back. I will do it,” he said.

Sfeir said he was “Political Prisoners” in the Kingdom and his captors questioned him only on political issues. Including links to Hezbollah and President Michel Aoun, no charges were made, he said.

“My investigators told me I was making a political statement,” Sfeir said, “in their system. they don’t have that They disagree.”

After a series of investigations by several Saudi investigators, Sfeir was released and sent to Lebanon. In addition to solitary confinement, Sfeir said he was treated with respect. His wife, Marie, told local television that Sfeir refused to eat on the first day of his detention and had no medication.

There was no official comment from Saudi Arabia on the reasons and conditions for his detention and release.


7;s detention has raised concerns at home that he is the latest victim of rising tensions between Lebanon and its traditional ally Saudi Arabia. which exerts more pressure instead of aid in dealing with small Mediterranean countries. at Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran

last month The kingdom has banned all fresh produce coming from Lebanon from entering Saudi Arabia. After discovering the smuggling of drugs in the said transport It is a daring measure that has a huge impact on one of the main foreign exchange sources to the Mediterranean country being prepared.

Tensions between two regional powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran. This often translates into a halt in Lebanon’s political decisions. Saudi Arabia which is looking for new partners in Lebanon has imposed sanctions against Hezbollah. which identified as a terrorist group by the United States and other countries in the Arabian Gulf

Sfeir said he was the victim of an online smear campaign that used old tweets and TV comments, which he claimed were manipulated to appear offensive to the Kingdom. Dissatisfaction with Lebanese Army

Sfeir is known for his political statements in the media and on other platforms to criticize Aoun’s opponents and has expressed his unwavering support for Hezbollah as a defender of the country’s unity. He said the alleged smear campaign was launched after he posted a picture of himself vaccinated in Saudi Arabia. which was what his governor thought he did not deserve.

“Social media and electronic flies [armies] “They’re destroying things,” he said. “They ask me a lot of questions … They say I’m not allowed to offend any Arab country.”

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