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LeBron James and the Lakers will play the Warriors in a play-in game.

LeBron James limped at Lakers’ bench in the fourth quarter after he “twisted” his right ankle after stepping on Nick Kei Alexander-Walker’s foot. New Orleans, his body hit the ground after scoring a 360-degree goal.

James lay down for a few seconds, staring at his ankle, the same game that forced him to miss 20 games with a high sprain ankle, the same game he played two, and then had to sit six because of excessive joint pain. foot.

He played in the last two games. But with James down to 6 minutes and 35 seconds, the Lakers Nation held their breath.

James stood on the sidelines after a towel was over his shoulder and a smile on his face indicated that he was fine.

He played 27 minutes and set a 25-point record, six assists and three in helping the Lakers win their fifth game in a row after a 1

10-98 victory over the Pelicans on Sunday night.

“Yes, that’s what it is. It’s a bit of a tweak, ”James told Zoom.“ I stepped on Alexander’s foot down the track after that last layout. But I will be fine. “

James and Anthony Davis each had a taste of their final practice action before the Lakers played the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night in an NBA play-in game at Staples Center.

They play enough to get their strength and legs under them against the Pelicans, and enough for James and Davis to declare themselves fit to start their NBA championship defending path.

Davis had 14 points and five rebounds in his second game back after one missed due to a stiff groin.

“From where I am now, after sitting as long as I have been, take away the two games I played for a while. But I’m pretty good, ”James said. I can play pass lanes a few times tonight, go out to rest. I made some cuts in the lane through the transition. So it came out quite well. “

The Lakers became the seventh seed in the Western Conference after the Portland Trailblazer beat the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night in the season finale for both teams.

Although the Lakers and Trail Blazers have equal records at 42-30, Los Angeles lost a tiebreaker to Portland 2-1.

That means James Davis and the Lakers gang will face the eighth seed Warriors and Stephen Curry, who have won the NBA scoring title this season by averaging 31.8 points per game.

If the Lakers beat the Warriors, LA will enter the NBA playoffs as the seventh seed and will face second seed Phoenix Suns.

“It was relying on Portland to lose a game. They do what they have to do, ”Davis said.“ So we’re seventh and we’ll meet Golden State and do whatever we can to win that game for the seventh seed in the round. Cut the rope “

In playing their 4th back-to-back game this month, the Lakers have doubled their lineup scores.

Andre Rummond had a double double with 13 points and 13 rebounds.

Dennis Schroeder played in his second game after going out seven points in the Health and Safety Regulations with 12 and Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope got 10.

Two weeks ago when the Lakers lost to Toronto it was their eighth defeat in 10 games and there were concerns.

But Lakers coach Frank Vogel made sure his team remained together and the Lakers are now in the championship stage.

“No, I don’t think things are easing,” Vogel said. “I think we all were disappointed that we didn’t win the game at that point and with the point where everyone was in good health and coming back from the injury and the way it played. Our overall But I just want to make sure we remain confident of where and where we are going. But I never felt like things were unraveling. That is the issue behind the message, for example, we’ll be okay.

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