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LeBron James laughed at his ‘reaction’ to the James Harden trade.

Chances are, you’re a sports fan.You’ve seen James Harden’s name hit all over social media this week.Harden was traded by the Houston Rockets on Wednesday with the Brooklyn Nets in the four megadeal teams that sent Caris LeVert. Also Indiana Pacers and Victor Oladipo, as well as others (including the pick-up squad), go to Houston.

Now there̵

7;s the new Big Three in Brooklyn: Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving.

Someone familiar with being part of the Big Three is LeBron James, who won two NBA games with the Miami Heat when he teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in 2010.Ten years later, James’ Los Angeles Lakers were defenders. NBA champions – and they are the team to beat on their mission to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy this season.

Cue Mark Phillips, founder and frontline of RDCworld1, a YouTube channel that provides online entertainment through skits, vlogs and short films. Phillips posts a video of himself mimicking James as James discovers about the Harden trade and a new look.

James Durant and Kairi, I’m 36. I’m 36! Why is everyone compared to me? ”Phillips sings James. “I’m not Thanos! Stop throwing the ball at me, I’m tired of doing this! I just beat the Warriors! “

This clip also features Thanos – the Marvel villain – on the rise.

On Twitter, the video had more than 8.7 million views as of Thursday evening, 1.9 million more on YouTube and 1.2 million on Phillips’ Instagram page.It’s not a shock that The King saw the video – and he responded to it.

Phillips told ESPN that he and his friends have been making videos over the years and that they are becoming more and more popular.They have been popular with other videos about James and have been shouted by celebrities. Everything from Baltimore Ravens defender Lamar Jackson to rapper J. Cole to actor Michael B. Jordan. But this takes it to a whole new level.

“But the crazy thing about LeBron is that we made a video that involved him … so when he did it, I didn’t think it was true,” Phillips said. “We were in the process of filming a YouTube video and didn’t know he tweeted that video, my nephew FaceTime to me and told me, and I was shocked.

Suddenly he thought ‘You did it, you did it’ and we couldn’t believe it. But we just shouted with joy and everyone was crammed into one phone.

Approval from the King? That’s a trend that’s truly worth it.

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