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LeBron James may have just leaked Apple’s unannounced earbuds.

Tech leaks happen in all shapes and sizes. and often from the most unexpected sources. To the wit, Los Angeles Lakers forward and four-time NBA champion LeBron James posted a photo of the outfit on Instagram Wednesday following his 1

09-102 Phoenix Suns win, which looks like he’s wearing Apple’s new Beats Studios Buds over his ears. This is noteworthy because Apple hasn’t actually announced such a product yet.

Last week, after Apple released the first iOS 14.6 for developers. MacRumors Evidence of an undeclared device was found in the software code. besides the name There are also animations showing off the design of the earbuds and the charging case.

We can’t say for sure if James’ wireless in-ear headphones are actually Beats Studio Buds, but they are. MacRumors Note There are a few key elements that separate a leaked product from other devices. First of all, this is the first Beats headphones without ear cups. Every previous pair of Beats earbuds wrap around the ear. So if it’s Beats, it’s brand new.

Additionally, as you can see in the animation below, the Beats Studio Buds taper at the end that extends from the ear to form an interesting pill shape. It’s hard to get the beautiful look of the earbuds James is wearing in all four photos on Instagram, but the designs are very similar:

This isn’t the first Beats Studio Buds leak of the week either. MySmartPrice Shares what it claims are live footage of the headphones from the FCC show on Tuesday. Like the animations from iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6 shown, the earbuds feature the most compact design of any Apple earphone to date. No stem, no ear cups, and no wires.

That way, they’re more similar to Google’s Pixel Buds or Amazon’s Echo Buds than any AirPods Apple has ever released. That said, the next-generation AirPods Pro are expected to retire as well. So maybe this is a preview of what will happen.

Aside from speculation, LeBron James has been around here before when it comes to support and product placement. So it’s hard to imagine 17-time NBA All-Stars forgetting to put on their existing headphones before leaving the house. As a result, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Beats Studio Buds officially launched around WWDC 2021 in two weeks.

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