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Leo Terrell called Lori Lightfoot ‘racist’, ’embarrassing’ that black leaders were discriminated against.

Leo Terrell Civil Rights Attorney called on Laurie E. Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, to be “Racist” for openly discriminating against white journalists by refusing to interview from the reporter

Speaking on “Hannity” Friday, Terrell said there was nothing more provocative and irritating as a black person than praising the official actions of black people in a racist manner. Due to the history of the United States On discrimination against blacks up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the movement of Dr. Martin Luther King that led to the assassination.

Terrell noted that fellow white journalist and commentator Charles Hurt was more qualified to interview Lightfoot than himself. But, of course, the Illinois Democrat will undoubtedly only accept requests from himself.


7;s scary and this worries me more than anything else. Because Charlie is a more qualified journalist,” he said.

“This is an embarrassing thing for blacks to be discriminated against when they know our history. (As a black American) hates discrimination,” Terrell continued.

“Do you know what it is? It’s bubbling. She plays games and games where she tries to distract crime. Black-on-Black Her total ignorance of helping the community and playing card games,” he said, alluding to years of homicide rates in minority neighborhoods.


He added that ultimately Lightfoot would not be Lightfoot, who would have to pay huge payouts and legal fees. If a new lawsuit is filed on behalf of Thomas Catenacci of The Daily Caller, journalists’ rights have been violated.

“Taxpayers have to pay for this – it’s outrageous, it’s insulting – she’s racist: racist.”

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