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Let’s remember netbooks – The Verge

There’s an Apple event next week, and it’s highly likely we’ll see an improved iPad Pro and possibly an iPad Mini.

Which is great because it reminds me of the Eee PC, one of the greatest success stories in tech history, or the collective misunderstanding shared by a handful of late 2000s tech bloggers that never actually materialized.

Eee PC 701SDX

The Eee PC 701SDX has an SD and X card slot.

There were two products arriving in 2007 that changed the fundamentals of computing: one was the iPhone, of course, the second, apparently more important, the original $ 399 Eee PC 701 running a custom Linux operating system. That the reviewer likedMac laptopThe company’s Mark Spoonauer says it’s “ten times easier to use than any Windows laptop”) and is generally hailed as a new form of computer with great appeal. The most value in the world ”

Again, this is a bizarre little two-pound plastic laptop that runs. Custom Linux distro Which is basically the front end of any website (We have not yet invented the phrase “Cloud service”)

Windows was not allowed to be represented by Linux, so Microsoft was shunned by Microsoft, and by January 2008 the Eee PC was running Windows XP instead. It was also part of a larger category called “netbooks,” and all of us. Get to know what a netbook is

Blue Eee PC

This Eee PC uses a “Pine Trail” processor, so Joanna shoots with pine branches. This is a cutting edge tech blog in 2009.

Not long after, Microsoft created something called Windows 7 Starter, a truncated version of Windows exclusively for netbooks.You’re not even allowed to change your desktop background! -And the netbook explosion was unstoppable.My friend (and Verge co-founder) Joanna Stern created the early stages of her career that covered the first obsessive netbook at Mac laptopalready GizmodoThen with me at Engadget.

And there’s a lot to be said about: at one point Joanna noticed that Asus had come out. Minimal Eee PC 20 models in 2008 AloneAnd that’s just Asus! Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others are wildly chasing the netbook idea. Do you remember when the Nokia Booklet 3G was about to reinvent Nokia? You don’t do it because it can’t. It’s beautiful, although I asked Joanna about the moment and this is what she sent it:

“Basically, I was Bono in this ‘I still can’t find what I’m looking for’ video, Eee PC after Eee PC MSI Wind, after MSI Wind Toshiba, whatever it calls according to Toshiba, what it is called. I looked for a netbook with a hands-free keyboard, a dollop, a trackpad that didn’t leave a bump on the thumb, a hard drive that took less than three days to open, Microsoft Word was searching for the perfect combination of price. Portability and uninterrupted power “

Joanna then urged me to bury U2’s real YouTube video, “I still can’t find what I’m looking for,” which is how the “one time Wow, one time,” power on the blog.

The explosion of netbooks is even more uncommon, as all netbooks have the same basic requirements, as Microsoft charges more for a non-standard Starter Windows license if the computer has an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 160GB hard drive. It’s really all colors and screen sizes. All in all to run a particularly annoying version of Windows on a computer that no one remotely claims can replace the primary PC. In the end, as the chip is inevitably more powerful, enough laptop vendors tell Joanna their new netbook-like computer. No The netbooks she started calling them “notbooks”.

Then the iPad came out in 2010, and netbooks were part of the computer terminology Steve Jobs introduces to the iPad, making it clear that netbooks are bad. More than anything. ”It is true that Steve Jobs spoke on stage to clearly distinguish the new iPad from netbooks. It’s important to him!

Steve Jobs sought knowledge about netbooks in 2010.

Steve Jobs sought knowledge about netbooks when he launched the iPad in 2010.

Do this even To happenReally? This is realReally? I remember it all But I can’t tell what it means or if we all believe that Microsoft and Intel are so mysteriously powerful that we need to stay within the product framework and up to 160GB of hard drive space. buy Netbook? The only person I have ever met with netbooks is the other tech writers at one of the most memorable trade shows, my colleague Adi Robertson. Both A large gaming laptop and Small netbooks, two laptops, neither are ideal for the job to do.

I asked Joanna, now a high-tech personal technology columnist at WSJAbout all of this, Respondents: “Let’s see. Apple’s upcoming event this week is netbooks.iPad Pro is a by-product of the netbook movement a decade ago. ”Are you kidding? I don’t know and you won’t tell me.

Of course, now there is no netbook. But everything is a netbook. The iPad is an iPad that comes in many different sizes and prices, and there is a heated debate on whether it can replace a laptop or not. (See? It’s netbooks.) Chromebooks exist, and both Apple and Microsoft are concerned about them in a familiar fashion. We’re surrounded by low-priced computers like appliances that take boring custom interfaces to cloud services beyond open-source operating systems: the Echo Show or the Google Chromecast? Even Netbooks Oculus Quest 2 Intel is badly inevitable, and Windows itself is diminishing. Microsoft is happy to call its operating system “Azure Edge” if anyone wants to use it.

Netbook ever happened or not? Netbook or not … win?

Oh .. PC. E here.

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