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Liberty University sues Jerry Falwell Jr. for over $ 10 million: NPR

Jerry Falwell Jr., pictured at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, was a new prosecutor by his former employer Liberty University.

Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

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Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Jerry Falwell Jr., pictured at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, was a new prosecutor by his former employer Liberty University.

Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Liberty University is suing former President Jerry Falwell Jr. for millions of dollars, accusing him of withholding malicious personal information from school officials while negotiating an employment deal at Profitable for himself among other allegations

The civil lawsuit was filed Thursday in the Lynchburg Circuit Court in Virginia and claimed breach of contract and fiduciary duties as well as collusion under the law. It is seeking $ 10 million in compensatory damages that could triple under state law, in addition to punitive damages and the return of phones, computers and other school property.

In the 74-page complaint, Liberty offers three incentives behind the lawsuit: to restore university assets, resolve various violations of fiduciary duties during Falwell’s tenure, and restore damages for breaches of conspiracy laws. Think of Virginia

In a statement made by NPR, Falwell condemned the case: “There is yet another attempt to humiliate me and discredit my profile.”

“Over the years at universities where we have built a multibillion-dollar organization that reaches Christians around the world, I have always complied with the requirements that are applicable to all university employees,” he added. “The case is half full of falsehood and truth, and I assure you that I will defend myself with confidence.”

A spokesman for the freedom said: “The university’s only word on this matter is the lawsuit itself.”

It’s the latest chapter in a scandalous saga that prompted Falwell to resign last August over allegations of sexual behavior that violated the school’s code of honor.

Falwell, 58, took leave indefinitely after being widely criticized for posting, then deleted a lively photo on Instagram. Identified as Giancarlo, Granda was in a relationship with Falwell’s wife Becki and for years coerced the family for money.

Lawyers wrote in the indictment that many of their allegations were backed by a Falwell statement filed with the Washington Examiner in August and in a short-term defamation case he filed against the university in October.

In 2012, according to those statements, Becki Falwell and Granda, a 20-year-old hotel employee in Miami, began what Falwell knew and continued for two years.

When Becki Falwell broke things, Granda was reportedly threatening to use their behavior to humiliate both the Falwells and the university, with complaints that “There is little doubt,” he maintains “a cache of harmful material to the Falwells” such as a threatening photograph. And record communication

“Falwell Jr. and Granda all know that the matter of infidelity, dishonesty, and accepting a loose lifestyle is completely different from the behavior that Liberty’s leaders expect,” the complaint reads. “Granda has gathered a lot of power over Fall Wales and therefore they try to keep Granda calm and quiet.”

Falwell reportedly spent five years working to appease Granda, for example taking him on family trips to Florida and Washington, DC, the university claims Falwell. He “chose personal protection” in his duties at the university with the suspension of extortion from Liberty leaders.

In addition, during this time Falwell is attracting controversy for his initial endorsement and the continued support of former President Donald Trump, a move that many see Not suitable for leaders of conservative evangelical Christian universities.

Falwell’s employment contract at Liberty is due to expire in 2019, the complaint states he has. “Ongoing anxiety” and plans to cut Granda entirely, with considerable personal risk. By seeking financial protection against the potential negative effects, the university said he “Start offering a good exit strategy”

“Of course, Falwell Jr. knows that family photos taken in beautiful locations will not last Granda forever,” it added.

According to the complaint, Falwell was accused of seeing the talks as an opportunity to increase his personal profits while relaxing a compensation policy that would make it easier for him to join the university for non-substantive acts. IMPORTANT – It was reported that he planned to highlight the attacks he faced. Rather than engaging with the president’s politics as a reason.

In doing so, the university said he intentionally withheld information that would change the nature of those denials.

“If Liberty’s board of directors know in 2018 or 2019 that Granda attempted to extort Falwell Jr. and plan to damage Liberty and were aware of the full situation of Granda’s Falwell Jr. extortion, then the board will be able to do so.” The administration will refrain from entering [2019 agreement], “Read complaints.

Finally, the university said Falwell had negotiated a significant annual raise for himself, providing a two-year wage compensation if he also quit. “Good reason” or canceled without cause, and establish a retirement benefit plan that covers the entire occupation. Was not part of the previous agreement.

The complaint detailed that after he ruled out Granda in June 2019, Falwell began drinking to manage his stress.

The next year, he finds himself in the spotlight and under repeated scrutiny, such as when he posts a lively social media image and calls a local radio station to make an offer. The description in blurred speech that shocked him. Leave work and finally leave

The complaint also claims that Falwell’s failure to disclose and resolve his problems with alcohol had caused him. “Actions and practices that are detrimental to Liberty’s spiritual mission”

All of this comes under accusations of breach of fiduciary duty, which the university says affects registration, donor base, faculty and reputation. It is seeking $ 10 million in damages plus pre- and post-judgment interest and punitive damages set out at $ 350,000.

Liberty was also accused of breaching the contract, with Falwell refusing to continue using the email address provided by the university for business communication. But the university wanted to give him devices such as computers and telephones.

Falwell was accused of failing to return the property, both the equipment and confidential information they had, and the university estimated the damage at $ 250,000.

The third count is a statutory conspiracy involving the Virginia Code prohibiting two or more people. “Agree to harm others in their trade or business”

As the complaint explains, Liberty’s business is providing higher education through a Christian perspective with high moral standards as part of the educational experience.

Falwell, Becki Falwell and Granda “performed a concert under a preconceived plan” to hide the allegations and extortion from the Liberty moderators, the complaint said, claiming they acted deliberately and without legal reasons.

As for the bill, it will collect damages of $ 10 million, which could be tripled under state law and the statutory limit of $ 350,000 for punitive damages. “As well as other damages proven in the trial”

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