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Lily Allen opens up about feeling ‘worthless’ amidst her battle with addiction and the Miley Cyrus Tour.

She recalled feeling “worthless” and turned to Adderall. “I am 14. [196 lbs.] And it doesn’t feel like a pop star at all, ”she says.“ So I started taking this drug called Adderall, which is like a speed-losing speed. Then I was addicted to this drug because it made me invincible and I was able to work for hours and be a different person than I wanted at the time. “

In 2014, Allen joined Miley Cyrus on the Bangerz tour, which was difficult for her mental health. Being a pop star again But not following my terms anymore … I support this woman who is younger and more attractive than I feel and I just started getting in. [many] Different ways “

She then began cheating on her husband, Sam Cooper, with whom she shared her nine-year-old daughter Ethel and eight-year-old daughter Marni. “I remember being in LA and thinking that ̵

6;There’s no longer this show, I should try heroin,’ ‘she says. “I was on set … and knew when that thought popped into my mind, it was time to face my demons. That was about five years ago. And I began to recover. “

Although she was “clean” after joining the program But six months later she started drinking again. “I lost my marriage, I lost my home, I worked for 10 years to buy it, my career began to sink, I lost all my friends, I was very angry, very angry all the time, it felt like the world owed me,” she said. “That was another four years.”

Fortunately, Allen is now sane and focused on developing healthy relationships with her children. “I am in the midst of breaking that cycle. In the early years of my life and having to tour and misbehave the way I am, I have a really good relationship with my kids now, ”she explains. I evict them in the morning and I will cook them dinner and they will come to me when they are in trouble. And that’s golden for me. “

Her current husband, David Harbor, whom she married last year, also adds to a happier new way of life. “I’ve been in a really good relationship and really happy. He’s been sober for 20 years,” she says. “We’re thinking about what we’re going to do with the rest of my life … Success and wealth But I have success and good health. Which is more valuable than I thought “

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