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LIST: Here you can register for the COVID-19 vaccine in Austin.

KVUE compiles a list of places that must be searched to register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

AUSTIN, Texas – As more COVID-19 vaccines are available, there is still a need to meet those who need it.

There are many different ways and providers to get the coronavirus vaccine, so we want to help put together a list of methods for you to apply.

At the moment, the vaccine is only available to people in stages 1

A and 1B, including healthcare workers, people over 65, and people with chronic health conditions that put them at high risk of serious illness due to COVID. -19

Here are some of the popular providers that allow you to register for vaccines in and around the Austin area:

Note: The waiting lists detailed below are just resources that people can use to apply. Registering a list does not guarantee you will receive a vaccine because the amount provided by the provider is limited.

  • Create an account at AustinTexas.gov/COVID-19-Vaccines
  • Pre-register for COVID-19 Vaccine – Public health authorities are concerned with vaccinating those in groups 1A and 1B who are most at risk, such as those without insurance.
    • You’ll answer a few questions about you, your vaccine reaction, and insurance information. The information provided will determine your eligibility for vaccination.
    • You will not be asked about your immigration status.

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  • If eligible for the APH vaccine, you will be contacted for an appointment.
    • The COVID-19 vaccine will be initiated at a very limited early stage. Austin Public Health follows the Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines for eligibility.
    • Vaccine information will be sent to the IMMTRAC Texas Immunization Registry.It will then be used to notify you of your vaccine appointment availability and for any necessary follow-up appointments to receive a second dose of vaccine.
    • The information you provide during the pre-registration is private and legally confidential and will be handled with confidence.
  • Free vaccination
  • Keep in mind that when you pre-register the site may not show vaccine availability within 100 miles of you, APH says don’t panic, they’ll contact you when it’s available if you qualify.

Family hospital system

To help you receive the COVID-19 vaccine safely, register here for immunization. Once the extra vaccines have been delivered, they will email you a booking link so you can book your appointment.

The HEB said it had launched a portal where Texans could register for vaccination, but first, the HEB said it had requested another vaccine allocation from the state of Texas because the initial allocation had already been distributed or had. Set to manage

Whenever the HEB has a device for further vaccination, it activates the scheduler here so people can schedule appointments.

Martins Wellness Pharmacy

To help you receive the COVID-19 vaccine safely, register here for immunization. Once the additional vaccines have been delivered, they will email you a booking link so you can book an appointment.

When Tarrytown Pharmacy receives new COVID-19 vaccine delivery, they will email them on their communications list and who are on the current and appropriate procedures. The email will contain a unique scheduling link for the person who will book the appointment. Due to the limited availability of vaccines, receiving an email with a schedule link is not guaranteed a COVID-19 vaccine appointment is in the communication list here.

38th Street Pharmacy has a waiting list that people can join here.Once 38th Street Pharmacy is allocated vaccines, it sends an email to those on the list to start scheduling appointments. It will focus on group 1A in the priority list, then continue from there.

For additional providers, see your state’s map of vaccine provider locations here.

This story will update as more carriers become available.

Some of these pharmacies have thousands of people on their lists, so be patient and check your email.

Ascension Medical Group sends out this statement stating that patients are being referred to for their vaccines – don’t call them:

“Ascension Medical Group Seton is reviewing all available patient records and contacting all patients who meet the above criteria within Stage 1B to schedule vaccinations. Please do not call the hospital or clinic.” Due to the limited availability of vaccines at this time, AMG will direct contact to eligible patients.If Ascension Seton continues to receive additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, we will expand the action. In accordance with federal and state recommendations, we will share Further details publicly as we move on to the next phase of vaccination for the larger Phase 1B group, Ascension Seton retains all of the COVID-19 vaccines supplied and no COVID-19 vaccine is reserved. ”

St. David’s HealthCare does not currently offer vaccines to the public, sending this statement:

“St. David’s Healthcare continues to focus on the vaccination efforts of Phase 1A healthcare workers, including doctors, clinical and rescue workers, and first responders. Healthcare in Central Texas is seeing more COVID-19 cases than elsewhere. During an outbreak, we must protect our hospital teams and healthcare workers so that they can continue to provide safe and secure care to their patients.Maintaining the stability of healthcare workers is essential to delivering care services. Continued health to our community ”

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