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List of Winning TV Movies – Deadline

Updated with the full list of winners: George Clooney’s Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Midnight skyDisney / Pixar Animation spirit And a separate series of Disney + Star Wars Mandalorian Winner of the marquee award on Tuesday at the 19th Annual VES Awards.

The annual Visual Effects Society celebration, the best award of the year in animated movies, TV shows, commercials, and video games, was held as usual by Patton Oswalt (and his green monster alter ego). ) And has been presented because of the epidemic.

A well-built and engaging show. (Let the VFX crew pull that away during the Year of the Zoom) as well as the honorary award given to Peter Jackson, the VES Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by him. LOTR Starring Cate Blanchett and presenting a tribute to Andy Serkis, Naomi Watts, Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, James Cameron, and Gollum, it is one of several DIY effects made from some of the best crafts in the industry.

Peter Jackson receives a Visual Effects Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jackson, who speaks at a distance from the New Zealand outpost, has traced his career with everything from Tolkien to Kong, referring to himself as “the man who tried to make the life of a VFX artist the hardest. As far as possible “

Midnight skyThis year’s Visual Effects Academy Award-nominated won two awards tonight, including Best Visual Effects in the Photographic Feature, which was nominated. Nominated for an Academy Award theory From Warner Bros, along with friends’ Netflix pictures. Jingle Jangle: The Power of Project Christmas Journey And HBO Max witch.

Midnight sky The win was fittingly a year when four out of five nominees streamed films in a category specializing in big-screen, big-effect films. This year there are only a handful of theaters. But it was shut down around the world, with only Christopher Nolan’s pillars participating.

Since the release of the VES Awards in 2002, the main movie winners have been nominated for the Visual Effects Oscars in 10 of the past 18 years. The lion king Received a VES Honor, but of Universal. 1917 Nominated for an Oscar

Disney + / Lucasfilm’s Mandalorian Tonight is leading all TV shows and films with 13 noms, including the visual effects featured in the photoreal episode, which is a social television honor. Star wars Spinoff won here twice last year. It received that honor, along with two other HBO’s. Lovecraft Country There were also two victories on TV.

Disney / Pixar Animation spiritWhich ranks for the movies with five overall noms coming into the night, sweeping all categories. Project Power also received two victories.

The VES Award for Creative Excellence is awarded to Visual Effects Supervisor / Photography Director Rob Legato, ASC Legato, who was busy with this event last year to receive the trophy for the winners of the film category. big The lion kingTonight he received his honor. Later movie Borat Associate Sacha Baron Cohen

Check out the list below as we update when winners are announced during the ceremony:

Outstanding visual effects in photoreal properties

Night sky

Matt Kasmir
Greg Baxter
Chris Lawrence
Max Solomon
David Watkins

Outstanding visual effects in photoreal sections

Mandalorian Field Marshal

Joe Bauer
Abbigail Keller
Hal Hickel
Richard Bluff
Roy Cancino

Outstanding visual effects in animation features


Pete Docter
Dana Murray
Michael Fong
Bill Water

Outstanding commercial visual effects

Wal-Mart; Famous visitor
Chris “Badger” Knight
Lori Talley
Tomorrow Mares
Matt Fuller

Outstanding supported visual effects in the photoreal feature


Wei Zheng
Peter Mavromates
Simon Cars
James pastor

Outstanding supporting visual effects in the photoreal stage

The crown; Gold ingot

Ben Turner
Reece Ewing
Andrew Scrase
Jonathan Wood

Outstanding animation characters in the photoreal feature

One and only IVAN; Ivan

Valentina Rosselli
Thomas Huizer
Andrea De Martis
William Bell

Outstanding commercial animation characters

Arms and hammer; Once upon a time; Tuxedo Tom

Shadow King
Silvia Bartoli
Matias Heker
Tiago Di Smota

Outstanding animated characters in animated features

spirit; Terry

Jonathan Hoffman
Jonathan Page
Peter Thierias
Ron Zorman

Outstanding animation characters in a real-time episode or project

Mandalorian man; Jedi; child

John Rosengrant
Peter Clarke
Scott Patton
Hal Hickel

An environment made outstanding in the photographic feature.

Mulan; Imperial City

Jeremy Fortress
Matt Fitzgerald
Ben Walker
Adrian Vercoe

Environments that are outstandingly crafted in animated features.

spirit; Seminar

Ho Sook Chang
Sungyeon Joh
Frank Tai

Featured built environments in projects, commercial or real-time episodes.

Mandalorian man; Believer; Morakot Jungle

Enrico Damm
Johanes Kurnia
Tong Tran

Remarkable simulation of effects in photoreal properties.

Project power

Yin Lai, Jimmy Liang
Jonathan Edward Lyddon-Towl
Pierpaolo Navarini
Michelle Lee

Remarkable simulation of the effect in the motion feature.


Alexis Angeles
Keith Daniel Klohn
Ai Mee Cat
Melissa Tseng

Emulation of outstanding effects in projects, commercial or real-time episodes.

Country love; Strange case; pupa

Federica Foresti
Johan Gabrielsson
Hugo Medda
Andreas War

Outstanding Virtual Reality Filming in CG Projects


Matt Aspbury
Ian Megibben

Outstanding visual effects in real-time projects


Jason Connell
Matt Vainio
Jasmin patry
Joanna Wang

Outstanding model in photo or animation projects

Night sky; ether

Michael Balthazart
Jonathan Opgenhaffen
John – Peter Li
Simon Aluze

Outstanding visual effects in student projects


Antoine Dupriez
Hugo Caby
Lucas Lermytte
Zoe currency

Composition that is outstanding in features

Project power

Russell Hort
Matthew Patience
Julien rousseau

The remix featured in the episode

Country love; Strange case; pupa

Victor Anderson
Linus Lindblom
Mattias Sandelius
Crawford Reilly

A striking commercially available remix

Burberry; Singing in the rain

Alex Love Joy
Mitan, Alex
David Filipe
Amresh kumar

Outstanding visual effects in special place projects

Bourne Stuntacular

Salvador Zalvidea
Tracey Gibbons
George Allan
Matthías Bjarnason
Scott Smith

Special effects (Practical) Outstanding in an image or animation project.

Fear of the walking dead; Bury her next to Jasper’s leg.

Frank Iudica
Scott Roark
Daniel J. Yates

VES Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Jackson

VES Award for Excellence in Creativity

Rob Legato, ASC

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