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Little Nightmares is now free to play on Steam, you can keep it.

Company of Heroes 2 and Ardennes Assault are free ‘forever’ on Steam if you show up this weekend.

It’s finally time to play. little nightmare — Free to claim and store on Steam.

I’m not going to lie: you might get annoyed by the tiny camera zooming out of this world and the controls at some point. and some exciting horror chase scenes Might be weirdly picky, but little nightmare There is a rich, bleak and empty world, not including the three-part story DLC. And the content is fun to play as well. But don’t miss this opportunity. good sequel

Steam is also giving away the full version of Company of Heroes 2 and the standalone single-player campaign of the American army. Ardennes AssaultFans of real-time strategy games should watch this series, even if World War 2 games tend to be out of your cart. CoH able to penetrate

According to Steam̵

7;s fine print, it’s time to grab. little nightmare is on May 30 at 10 a.m. Pacific, while Company of Heroes 2 It’ll be free until May 31 at 10 a.m. Pacific. Go get it.

If you’re not opposed to spending a dime in the name of a bargain, Steam is now hosting an Open World Sale with discounts on the world that unfolds. kind of. It’s a big game genre.

but yes, little nightmareI never recovered from that tidal wave of distorted bodies.

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