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Liz Cheney faced setback after being indicted.

“The meeting should vote on that,” Conservative Party co-founder Jim Jordan (Ohio) said in the Capitol on Wednesday. “We should have a second vote,” Cheney. It was recently unanimously elected to the position in November.

The resolution, obtained by POLITICO, said Cheney’s stance “does not reflect a large majority of the Republican meetings and disgraces the convention and creates disagreements.”

However, Cheney made it clear that she had no intention of leaving voluntarily.


7;m not going anywhere. This is a conscientious vote,” she told POLITICO in the state agency. “Our meetings had different perspectives. But our country is facing events that have never happened since the civil war and the constitutional crisis.

“That’s what we have to focus on,” she added, “that’s what we have to try and pay attention to.”

Meanwhile, New York-based GOP Rep. John Katko – who also voted to have an impeachment – began sending letters on Wednesday expressing support for Cheney and rejecting calls for her to step down, according to the copy received by POLITICO.

The party’s right-wing push underscores Trump’s support for the removal of Trump may still be a politically toxic move in the GOP, even though he has incited militants to invade the City Hall. In addition to facing condemnation from peers, Republicans who voted to impeach can also find themselves the main challenge of pro Trump.

In addition to Cheney and Katko, eight other Republicans who voted Wednesday to impeach Trump: Rep. Adam Kinsinger of Illinois, Fred Upton of Michigan, Jaidee. Rabettler of Washington, Dan New House of Washington, David Valadao of California, Tom Rice of South Carolina, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio and Peter Myers of Michigan.

Still, Cheney told colleagues she wanted to be in the right side of history and framed it. “Voting of Conscience” in private conversation, according to the source.

Cheney, the highest-ranking Republican in retaliation for public impeachment, released a statement on Tuesday describing Trump’s support for impeachment, saying he “Calling this group of people together and setting the fire of this attack” in a US agency last week.

“There has never been more betrayal of the President of the United States at work and more oaths to the Constitution,” she said.

Cheney’s stance puts her in direct opposition to home minority leaders Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) And Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Both of whom oppose impeachment and create a huge divide in GOP leadership.

Some at the GOP meeting were unhappy with all the leaders.

“I think when and when Kevin and Steve support the constitutional challenge of the election, [Liz Cheney] We are supporting constitutional flawed prosecution, we have a leadership problem, ”Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) Told reporters.

McCarthy declined to answer questions from reporters on Wednesday whether he thinks Cheney deserves to continue his leadership role. But one plugged Republican House, who is not a member of the Freedom Caucus and doesn’t want to see Cheney step down, predicted the majority of the GOP meeting would support her boot from the lead.

Cheney’s allies, however, expect her to remain safe and also argued that the GOP would punish Cheney, not Trump.

Other Republicans took over Cheney’s defense on Wednesday, including freshman representative Nancy Mace, South Carolina Republican, who did not vote to impeach Trump. But she criticized the president and her GOP colleagues for their role in the crisis.

“We should not silence the voices of conflict,” Mace said. “That’s one of the reasons we are today, we allow conspiracy theorist QAnon to lead us.”

Representative Chip Roy (R-Texas) also rejected calls for Cheney to step down, despite differences in prosecution. Believe her, ”he said.

And Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) tweeted that Cheney “has more backbone than most” and “will continue to be a much-needed leader at the meeting with my full support”.

“We can disagree without being separated,” he added.

In addition to prosecuting the backing, Cheney upset some colleagues for making such a public stance against challenging electoral results ahead of the Jan. 6 vote, even submitting a 21-page memo for contention. Why it objected to Joe Biden’s presidential victory? Unconstitutional. More than 120 Republicans in the House of Commons ended up joining the opposition.

The same Republicans who support the president’s unfounded election fraud allegation that caused the blockade of Congress is now leading the charge on Cheney. But some lawmakers are facing calls for blame, resignation or investigations for their roles.

Now is just the latest chapter of clash between Cheney and the right-wing of the House GOP meeting, as Cheney has long pushed back Trump on foreign policy and national security issues. But Hardline also kicked off last summer when she criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and also backed her main opponent to Representative Thomas Massie).

At the time, some conservatives spoke of recruiting someone to challenge her to chair the convention. But it was never the result Cheney was unanimously elected in November to serve for a further two years as leadership.

But some Republicans expressed regret that they did not force a demanding vote after she released a statement calling on Trump to respect. The “holiness” of the election if he cannot prove voter fraud claims in court. The Freedom Caucus, a conservative unitarian band of about 30, make up a major vote in the House GOP. He will fade away in the minority.

“She shouldn’t be serving this meeting,” said Andy Biggs, president of Freedom Caucus (R-Ariz.). “That’s it.”

Ben Leonard and Olivia Beavers contributed to this report.

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