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Liz Cheney said some GOP members voted against the prosecution for fear of their lives.

Tell CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” that there are “more members who believe in content and policy and ideology more than are willing to speak so.” Republicans in the House of Commons Voters put Trump responsible for Congress riots.

“If you look at the vote for prosecution, there are members who tell me they fear for their own safety – in some cases, fear for their lives,” she said. In his capacity as a member of Congress, Congress cannot vote or feel they cannot do it because of their own security.

Hours earlier on Friday, New York Republican Representative Elis Stefanick, a vocal ally of the former president with a less conservative voting record, was elected chairman. The House GOP conference, the key difference between the two women, is that Stefanik supports Trump̵
7;s unfounded claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, while Cheney has repeatedly argued them. This prompted Republican Republicans to complain that the Wyoming Republicans ruined the party’s message of promoting Trump’s political brand.

Cheney said her role as a congressman has led her to oppose widespread electoral scam and she believes that “We have a truth that has collapsed in this country.”

“We’ve seen your evolution, and you know the common situations in which conspiracy theories rampage, in which good people, in many cases, mislead and believe things that are not true,” continues Cheney. “So I think we all have an obligation to make sure that we are doing everything we can to convey the truth, stand up for the truth, and stand up for our constitution and obligation.”

Trump and his lies trying to undermine the federal election system are “Continued danger” to the country, Cheney said.

“He may have tried, but he was unsuccessful,” she said when asked if she thought Trump would make an effort in 2024 to wipe out people from the party like her and Secretary Brad Raffensperger. Foreign Georgia, which insisted on defending the consequences of Presidential elections, as well as the integrity of the state voting system

She pointed out that “The role each person has to play in defending the system and its importance – how our system holds the institution, it is constantly in danger, and we must continue to fight.”

Cheney, who did not attend Friday’s meeting to vote for her successor, also told Tapper she would vote for Stefanik’s only rival, Texas Republican Rep.Chip Roy.

“I think it’s important for us to have a leader who is conservative, and I think it is also important to have leadership people who are truthful and constitutional,” she said.

In an interview with ABC News, which will air in full on Sunday, Cheney was asked what it means for Republicans to replace her with Stefanik, who is promoting Trump’s falsehood about the election.

“I think it’s dangerous,” Cheney replied. “I think we need to know how quickly things can be resolved.”

“We have to recognize what it means to have a former president who is rejecting and persistently proposing that our electoral system is inoperable, it is not able to carry out the will of the people,” she said.

Cheney also told ABC News she regrets voting for Trump in 2020.

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CNN’s Daniella Diaz, Annie Grayer, Alex Rogers, Manu Raju, Kristin Wilson and Veronica Stracqualursi. Contribute to this report

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