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Locked Shops Facing Buyers In Indian Market

GAUHATI, India (AP) — Rows of locked stores face negotiators for most of the day in Fancy Bazar, a nearly 200-year-old marketplace offering cheap prices to the COVID-19 pandemic. largest in india far northeast

The lockdown restrictions imposed in April have been partially eased. But the shopkeepers are struggling to recapture the bustling activity of the market. and complained that the curfew at 13.00 was too early

Shoppers seem to prefer the cooler months to escape the sweltering heat of summer. abandoned market in the afternoon There are no thousands of small and large stores.

“We had a hard time with my store being open for a limited time. Some days I don̵

7;t have a single customer,” said Bhaskar Jyoti Kalita, an Assam silk seller.

Galita, 43, said he had to raise his parents, wife and two children. “It’s very difficult for our family to not have any sales,” he said.

Fancy Bazaar was founded by a merchant from western Rajasthan. After he sailed to Assam in 1828

The alleyways are filled with shops selling exotic silks, handmade toys, cane and bamboo products. and home decoration It is also a wholesale market for rice, lentils, fruits, vegetables, flowers, clothing and medicines.

Gauhati, the capital city of Assam It is the main trading hub for eight northeastern Indian states with a population of 45 million.

Rupam Gosawmi, chairman of the Assam Chamber of Commerce, said businesses were severely affected by the restrictions on the outbreak. But the first priority is saving lives. “With lower infection rates I expect further easing of restrictions by mid-July,” he said.

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