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Logan and Jake Paul reject Floyd Mayweather ahead of exhibition: ‘He needs us more than we need’

DORADO, Puerto Rico — If there’s one message that brothers Logan and Jake Paul — YouTube stars and social media influencers have become boxers — has a message for retired great Floyd Mayweather ahead of the June 6 tournament. With Logan, that is quite simple.

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Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs), who appears to be going through an era of battling elite pros at the age of 44, finds himself a compelling new foil that fits his business model of hosting big events. with relatively low risk for huge sums of money.

The retired legend and five-division champion will retire again next week in an eight-round exhibition fight headlining the PPV Showtime at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, 26-year-old Logan Paul. (0-1

) There are significant advantages in size, weight and youth. But it still falls short of understandably hard bets for this special attraction.

While Mayweather will battle Logan next Sunday night, 24-year-old Jake’s brother (3-0, 3 KOs), a man known as “The Problem Child,” is inextricably linked with the fight. out due to most events At a press conference earlier this month, Jake stole Mayweather’s hat after a confrontation and received a punch for his efforts. Most believe that Jake could be Mayweather’s future opponent regardless of the outcome against Logan.

For better or worse, the Paul brothers arrive as legitimate PPV brands in the world of traditional boxing, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

“MMA is kicking ass in boxing,” Logan Paul told CBS Sports during a Showtime camera interview this week during a training camp. “Now everyone is interested in boxing. Models are being replicated time and time again. You’ve got a Triller, you’ve got Social Gloves, and over the weekend after our fight, there’s TikTokers and YouTubers battling it out. Jake recently settled on Showtime at What’s the Legal Point?

“Wake up and drink coffee. we are here Stay here to stay.”

Jake Paul, whose professional knockout record includes YouTuber Aneson Gib, retired NBA defender Nate Robinson and MMA fighter Ben Asken. retired One step forward when asked if he believed Mayweather respected their business and marketing acumen.

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“He had to,” said Jake Paul, “that’s why he fought my brother. Who would Floyd fight to sell for millions of views? He needs us more than we need him.”

“There is no validity for that,” Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotion, told CBS Sports on Friday. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I always say so I always say so! They took Floyd’s blueprint and were able to run with it. And I applaud them for that. But to think that Floyd needs them is actually one of the dumbest comments I’ve actually heard in a long time.”

The Paul brothers openly call themselves disruptors in the traditional game of boxing, citing recent studies that show the new Generation Z is interested in the sport. Most of them can be linked to the interests they’ve brought in over the past few years by leveraging their audiences on various social media platforms. This includes 43 million subscribers on YouTube alone among siblings who grew up in suburban Ohio.

“We’re bringing in a new light and a new wave,” says Jake Paul. “That’s because of YouTube’s celebrity boxing culture, and we’re bringing in Instagram and all our followers. It’s new people who want to pay for battles that wouldn’t normally exist.”

Although the two brothers continued to open up on social media content which made both incredibly wealthy. But that doesn’t mean the pair are actually using less of their craft than they would like. Each of them has dedicated themselves to the gym over the past three years. It has assembled a separate team of professional coaches and sparring partners to improve.

Although Jake admits himself to have a much greater desire to be a legitimate fighter. But his own brother, who almost survived the constant teasing. Some of what Logan refers to is his natural ability to play online characters that are much more nerdy than his real self. by any means He doesn’t have to suffer the pain of traditional boxing. to respect him

“I understand, I understand, we are here to perform and we are just getting started in boxing,” said Logan Paul, “but this is the start of a very long career path for Jake and me. no doubt at first But what will happen in these two years, what will happen in the three years we are really in? Good at this sport and we were able to beat professional boxers and really good and earn our respect in this sport, I don’t know. People are going to shut up eventually.

“I mean [Mayweather] Think I suck? The answer might be yes. There is nothing online that makes me boxing so amazing. But in the last year and a half We have reached a really good point. I think on June 6 we will find out why boxing has a weight class. I’m not the one to touch you. I don’t have a pillow I hit hard and fast and high. I’m long and I’m strong I’m angry and I need this shit.”

Few believe that the merits of Logan as an 18-year-old, 6″ tall, 4″ reach, and weighs over 45 lbs will be significant when the two gloves touch. Only time will tell for sure.

But regardless, Jake adds himself in the future to Mayweather’s long list of opponents who have tried and failed to deliver his first career setback. (Whether at an exhibition or not), Jake hopes the man known as “Money” will recognize the gift they have. is Mayweather’s brand status right now.

“[Mayweather] It’s his time Nobody wants to see Floyd fight again unless it’s something interesting,” says Jake Paul. “We’re a new kid with a new audience. Everyone in the boxing world knows Floyd, but these little kids, they don’t care about Floyd or want to see him. His contribution was low. He is the best champion and fighter of all time bla bla bla why does he only get 100K likes on pictures?

“He wants the involvement of new money in the game, but he’s smart, he will definitely be involved. But he is stepping into our territory and playing our game.”

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