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Lorde unveils the cover of their new single ‘Solar Power’ on their website.

All of a sudden we were encouraged.
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Maybe she’s heard of Olivia Rodrigo’s. sourMaybe someone told her she’s booked for Primavera Sound 2022, or maybe she’s bored with Antarctica and onions. But one thing is certain now that a new Lorde is on the way. The New Zealand pop star updated her website on June 7, appearing to confirm the rumored new single “Solar Power” featuring a cover photo of herself walking on the beach. “Arriving in 2021 … patience is a virtue,” the website said simply. encourage fans Subscribe to the singer-songwriter email list.

It’s been 1,452 days, or just four shy years, that Lord has released her second album. MelodramaIt’s a close underage record that finds her linking pop mastermind Jack Antonov to wildly praised results. Back in May 2020, Lorde told fans via email that she had begun recording new songs and working with Antonoff in December 2019, shortly after her dog Pearl died. other for the new song, writing, “When I grow up I know there is something to be said for the joy of waiting for something of quality for you.” — Sentimental message. Her website seems to reflect a Malay producer who has worked prominently in Frank Ocean’s. orange channel and blonde and have credit in Melodrama The song “Sober,” “The Louvre,” “Supercut” tells reverb magazine in July 2020 that he was also working on a new Lorde album. Comparing Lorde to Ocean, Malay said: “She has a crazy vision. and she will not make any compromises.”

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