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Los Angeles County raised work hours restrictions for bars, breweries and wineries.

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Los Angeles County eased the COVID-19 health restrictions again on Friday, allowing indoor playgrounds and stores to It reopens with limited capacity while removing work hours restrictions for bars, breweries and wineries.

Indoor stores and playgrounds such as laser tag businesses, ball pit or “bounce” centers will be limited to 25% capacity, along with other mandatory safety modifications.

The bar, which is currently only allowed to work outdoors, was restricted to the hours of 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM, but now those restrictions have been lifted.

The easing of the restrictions, however, comes amid ongoing concerns about a slowdown in vaccination in the county. In a statement on Friday, the district̵

7;s health director, Barbara Ferrer, reiterated the urgency that people need to be vaccinated while still adhering to health guidelines. Others to prevent the return of the virus to the area.

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“We must continue to be vigilant and take appropriate precautions in the coming weeks as we vaccinate more people, especially when we want to reach the least restrictive level in the blueprint. State for a safer economic framework, ” she said. People who are vaccinated can be involved in certain activities, as preventative immunization makes them so important that we continue to wear masks, avoid crowds, and encourage everyone. Get fully vaccinated both for the first and second time.

“Most people in Los Angeles County are not fully vaccinated and some cannot get it,” she said. In preventing serious illness and death and protecting our entire community. ” ‘

The county is expected to reach the least restrictive yellow level of the state’s blueprint for a safer economy when the updated statistics are released on Tuesday, Ferrer said if the county qualifies for the move. The new health side with more relaxed restrictions will be released on Wednesday, effective Thursday.

Getting into the yellow level essentially allows for higher capacity limits for most businesses. Such as fitness centers, card rooms, wineries and breweries will be allowed to increase indoor capacity to 50% from the current 25%. Bars will be able to open indoors at 25%; Outdoor venues such as Dodger Stadium could increase capacity by 67% from 33% currently, and theme parks could provide 35%, up from 25%.

The county also revised its health mandate this week to include changes to the recommended masking guidelines this week for people fully vaccinated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The revision also states that surveillance COVID testing is no longer recommended for people who are fully vaccinated unless they work in a specialized medical facility or other high-risk location. To go abroad or is necessary for a specific business or location

The county reported another 21 deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, while Pasadena health officials announced two more, adding to the cumulative total since the outbreak began to an additional 405 of 23,892. This was confirmed by the county, while two more Pasadena and 29 Long Beach were confirmed, increasing the overall number across the outbreak to 1,233,091.

According to state figures, there were 414 hospitalizations in the county as of Friday, down from 420 on Thursday, with 88 among the critically ill, down from 98 on Thursday.

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