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‘Lucifer’ Recap: Season 5 Finale — Lesley-Ann Brandt on Maze/Eve

The following contains spoilers from all of them. Lucifer Season 5.

Lucifer Season 5 introduces us to the devil’s twins. saw God’s visit to the world without prior notice and even take us to heaven But one of its boldest narratives It has to do with Mazikeen’s perception that she needs her own soul and the steps she takes to obtain it.

Adding complexity to the devil’s journey is the unexpected revival of love, which she wrote unrequited… but not now

TVLine invites Lesley-Anne Brandt revisits Season 5B̵

7;s three pivotal moments for Maze, and how her childlike approach almost prevents her from living her best (on Earth) life.

Lord Lucifer's LabyrinthTVLINE | It seems like everyone has to cut it with “Funny God” (played by Dennis Haysbert), but maybe you have. The most intense scene with him with all the “Mazikeen… you are you” exchanges. What happened in Maze’s mind when she heard God’s perspective on obtaining her soul?
she is discouraged She looked so young in the sense that she thought, “If I just did thisalready this It’s going to happen.” She can be black and white about things, so she feels like “I’m not that bad. i am a good friend I care about others I’m not who I was five seasons ago. So I feel I really deserve this. And this will help heal a wound that I didn’t know was very raw and open.” – The wounds of her motherhood and that relationship. and seeing the way her mother left this world Lilith really didn’t understand. what life is can So, Maze looked at the situation and said, “I don’t want that for myself. So I will do whatever I can – and this is someone who can help me.”

TVLINE | “Reach into your soul bag and hand it to me. Size 2!”
That’s right! Don’t be selfish! It was an incredible emotion when we were shooting. And obviously Dennis was awesome to work with. I’m very happy to do something with him in that sense. That’s one of my favorite things. favorite Absolutely all of the series

Lucifer photoTVLINE | after being rejected The maze takes on a few spooky episodes when she comes across Eve (Inbar Lavi) talking about the various emotions she had during that encounter.
Talk about picking a scab. That’s a wound that hasn’t fully healed the ether. And it has to do with the rejection she feels from her mother. Again, in Maze’s childish way, she sees Eve rejecting her instead of spending time finding herself. So she goes into maze mode, which presses down everything she feels. and then try to find something that can fix it, which in her case is the spirit. But I think the most amazing thing about this character — and perhaps this is why people relate to her — is her. fight. She doesn’t always get it right. She made the wrong decision. but never from a place of malice Although she is against Lucifer Or she initially denied Eve’s advance. It’s from the pain

There’s a topic of negativity for both Lucifer and Maze that they never fully deal with that feeling and sometimes sit in the discomfort of taking care of themselves in a weird way. I think that’s what she is. done at this point, sitting in the uneasiness of the decision her mother made. Eve’s decision and her decision involving Michael and Lucifer.

TVLINE | I love the time when Eve was like, “I love you, let’s go,” but the realization that Eve might get hurt and even die with a maze of mind.
Completely another is the fear of losing it. But what I think the character finally realizes is that you create your happiness that cannot be the responsibility of others And if you really are a team You have to be able to talk about things and work through them. Even if you feel uncomfortable That’s the good thing about that relationship. Like Chloe and Lucifer They must overcome obstacles and try to come up with a solution.

Lucifer Maze EveTVLINE | and at the end of the season Labyrinth meets Eve to confess her love for her. “I don’t care if you die or not.”
Finally, she was grateful for the thought of not having her. and against her own stubbornness. “I will leave my stubbornness or fear in ‘What if, really?” I think what Labyrinth learned to do is to live the distance. Always try to be better, and it will be better, even in the uncomfortable sitting you feel. Love, sadness, pain… all becauseas difficult and challenging as with life on earth and human relations Reward and fulfillment are equal. You just have to look at the incredible family we’ve built. And only these relationships we have nurtured will see.

TVLINE | On the one hand, a selfish maze who rejects a relationship simply because she fears loss.
Exactly. Exactly. And there are many people I know. Friends I have who do that, and I’m like, “Life happens every day!” I read this great article years ago about how we don’t always live with the great love of our lives. go But should we deny that they exist? we should thank us find They? because most people do not. is a merit [to find that love]Whether Labyrinth and Eva exercise just to feel and live that way. I think it’s a blessing

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