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macOS Monterey lets you erase your Mac without reinstalling the operating system.

Passed a few days ago, Apple announced the release macOS Monterey and we continue to find new features. That is not mentioned in the keynote of WWDC, which includes more than a convenient way to remove the Mac.

macos monterey setup assistant
Following in the footsteps of iPhone and iPad, Mac gets options. Erase All Content and Settings on macOS Monterey. This option lets you delete all user data and user-installed apps from your Mac without the need to reinstall the macOS operating system, enabling Mac recovery. It’s a much easier factory setting like new.

From the macOS Monterey Features page on Apple’s website:

Erase all content and settings.
Currently, the system offers the option to delete users and applications that users install all out. while keeping the operating system installed. Because storage is always encrypted on Mac systems with Apple silicon or the T2 chip, the system is instantly ‘erased’ and secure by destroying the encryption key.

In macOS Monterey beta, you can find new options by opening the System Preferences app, clicking System Preferences in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and clicking “Erase All Content and Settings” in the drop-down menu. Requires an administrator password. system to perform a Mac restore to factory settings.

Removing a Mac running an earlier version of macOS requires formatting the startup disk and reinstalling macOS, so this new option makes it more convenient to restore your Mac to factory settings. Whether you’re just looking to start over with your Mac or planning to sell or give away your Mac, after removal, your Mac displays the Setup Assistant and is ready to set up like new.

macOS Monterey is now available in developer beta. The public beta will follow in July.

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