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Macron, Le Pen stumble in French regional elections amid resurgence of founding parties

PARIS—The centerpiece of President Emmanuel Macron and the far-right party of Marine Le Pain have both failed to win in France’s regional elections on Sunday. As voters turn to candidates amid tensions over terrorist attacks and the place of Islam in society

The Conservative candidate campaigning against immigration and legal pledges has won seven regional presidents across France. while the Socialist Party won the other five.

Failure to win a single region affects different factions. of Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pain before next year’s presidential election But analysts said the number of abstentions this year was unusually high, about 65% compared to 42 percent in the previous regional election in 201

5, making it difficult to predict voter confidence in the country. with hopes of becoming president

About 65% of the French abstained this year.


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“The French people do not see this election as a general rehearsal for the presidential election.” Adélaïde Zulfikarpasic said director of research and consulting firm BVA Group.

France has been hit by a number of terrorist attacks in recent years. including the beheading of a middle school teacher by Chechen refugees in October. The attack shocked the whole country. Macron described it as an attack on French enlightenment values ​​and a nationwide crackdown on mosques.

Sunday’s election opens the first window into how voters respond to violence and its impact. It also signaled that dozens of French political parties are positioning and forming alliances ahead of the April 2022 presidential election.

Les Républicains candidate Renaud Muselier won around 57.4% of the vote in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, beating Thierry Mariani, Ms. Le Pen’s top hope, to secure the party’s first region. which only got 42.6% of the vote after losing the first round of votes to Mr. Mariani last week. Muselier won Sunday after the Socialist and Green Party effectively supported the exit. match Mr Macron endorsed Mr Muselier early. by withdrawing his candidate from the competition

such partner Known as a front républicain, it was designed to thwart the National Rally’s path to power. This tactic was the key to winning the presidency in 2017 as the founders united behind the nomination. His election was to ensure Mr Le Pen was defeated.

Thierry Mariani, presidential candidate of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region at the polling station on Sunday.


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Mr Macron rises to power on the platform. “Neither right or left.” He formed a new party, Republic on the Move, and formed a heavily invaded government from the organized bloc that had ruled France since the end of World War II.

Successful performances by traditional political parties in this year’s regional elections are likely to give their presidential candidates the courage to challenge Macron as the standard-bearer in establishing domestic politics.

Three conservative presidential hopefuls won the region’s presidency on Sunday. Xavier Bertrand, a former member of the Les Républicains conservative party, gained about 52.8% of the vote in northern France. which Mr. Macron’s applicants did not pass the selection.

Laurent Wauquiez of Les Républicains won the regional tournament. Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes in southeastern France, while the conservative Valérie Pécresse was re-elected president of the Paris region.

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