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MAGA musician Ariel Pink is denied by fans complaining to Tucker Carlson: ‘People are so mean’

Musician Ariel Pink on Fox News Thursday, Jan. 14.
Ariel Pink, LA-based indie musician on Fox News. (Fox News)

Days after attending a rally that led to a deadly right-wing riots at the US Capitol, L.A. indie musician Ariel Pink tried to defend his actions on Fox News̵

7; Tucker Carlson show on Thursday.

“I have no choice, nothing for me to do,” said Pink, with a nervous and nervous expression. “I can’t afford a lawyer right now.”

Pink, the acclaimed L.A. experimental music scene. But antagonism turned out to be an unlikely far-right martyr hero after a photo of him attending the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6 (with other local artist John Maus) surfaced. Come up.

Within hours, Pink was dropped by Mexican Summer record label and was under intense response from fans. “Due to the recent incident, Mexican Summer and the staff decided to end their working relationship with Ariel Rosenberg AKA Ariel Pink. Go ahead, ”the camp said in a statement after the rally.

Pink appeared on Fox News in 2013 and recently expressed his support for Trump, “I just think Trump is the only thing that stands in the way of all collapse. The fictitious media psycho shooting for Biden / Harris’s presidency is more frightening to me, ”he wrote in December.

But on Carlson’s show, Pink tried to describe his appearance at a rally that ended with a fierce group of pro-President Trump supporters vying for government.

“I went to the White House to see our president, I went to the hotel, took a nap, the end of the story,” he said, claiming he was not in a place trying to overthrow the American government. “I was there for a peaceful assembly. That’s all for me. “

Carlson tried to pull the subject back to the left of Pink’s “cancellation.” “You did the most violent thing, you publicly came out as a Trump supporter… when did you realize your career was ruined?

“I can’t go on tour right now, it makes me destitute and on the road,” says Pink, hanging my head. My family was threatened to kill. Hatred is overwhelming People are so mean, I am so afraid. “

(On the same day of the rally, Pink also lost a case in Los Angeles Superior Court when the judge dismissed an attempt to issue a custody of his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Ehr. The Coli Coe, who accused him of emotional and sexual abuse)

Carlson, in the interview, appears to be realizing he is confronted with an unexpected MAGA martyr figure from LA experimental music. “You’re taking a huge risk on this show, why are you doing that?” He asked.

“I don’t have any other requests for help,” Pink said.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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