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Major Burns Kendall Milton delivered the hit songs.

ATHENS – Kirby Smart loves the energy and enthusiasm in the Scrimmage Two, although the execution is not always there in wet and rainy conditions.

Smart did not elaborate on what happened during the hedge at Sanford Stadium in most closed drills attended by supporters and parents of the players.

The action was intense and heavy, with a massive strike from Major Burns safety in a tight Brock Bowers.To his credit, Bowers is reportedly able to play football.

It is the day when the line of defense is largely dominated by the line of defense against those who give witness accounts.

The offense has a real moment as well

Kendall Milton continued playing for the start, carrying the quarterback at the end of 20 yards.

Smart noticed that Milton performed in a short game as well.

“I think Kendall (Milton) was doing really well today by jogging,” says Smart. “We had a third shorts and a fourth and a body shorts. The fourth where he can transform into a big back and do some things. ”

James Cook also ran a 25-yard touchdown run and Demetris Robertson returned the punt for a touchdown against those who took part.

The Daijun Edwards also had a strong run and remains an option.

Defender JT Daniels had some success with Justin Robinson when the team moved to an indoor venue to finalize the fight.

Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff both had success during outdoor training sessions.

According to the audience, Beck hit Arian Smith with a perfectly thrown 38-yard touchdown.

Wanda Griff made a touchdown for Kurt Nilis and showed a strong running ability.

Georgia returns to training Tuesday with Saturday’s annual G-Day game at the Sanford Stadium.

Smart said the team has been working on a number of scenarios in Scrimmage Two that will help them prepare for the action game.

“(We run) Second-and-10, Third Down, End of Game scenarios, three or four different clock management situations,” Smrt said. “We do 1:50 without wasting time when you have to. The goal does not have a 1:50 timeout and must go down to win games, which happen in many of our meetings.

“So we do a lot of game simulations and end-of-game scenarios in addition to our traditional combat moves on the pitch.”

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