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Major cinema chains let vaccination patrons drop masks on policy change – deadline

Major movie theaters AMC, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark have adjusted their mask policies. for those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 don’t have to wear a mask

The change comes as the North American box office heats up this weekend. Quiet Place, Part II and Disney Cruella fighting memorial day which is a regular mark of the summer box office. The film hits theaters today with over $6 million in revenue Thursday night between them. Coronavirus infection rates are declining across the United States. And hopes in the movie business are high for good returns.

About 40% of Americans are fully vaccinated. and half received at least one dose of the vaccine. States have adopted different guidelines for businesses and public spaces. There was a requirement to dispose of the mask several months ago. and some states continue to enforce

Every major studio confirms their participation at CinemaCon August 23-26, 2021 in Las Vegas.

“In line with the latest CDC recommendations and after consultation with public health experts, Fully vaccinated AMC theater guests are no longer required to wear masks at AMC premises unless mandated by state or local law,” reads the AMC statement. All other aspects of AMC Safe & Clean policies and procedures include seat blocking. It is still in effect now.”

On Regal’s website, the company describes its current policy. “Masks will not be necessary unless mandated by state and local guidelines,” the website said. “In the event of an order to remove the mask Detachable only while eating and drinking while sitting in the auditorium.

Cinema staff still have to wear masks.

A major conglomerate in August founded an industry initiative called CinemaSafe, which aims to convey the safety of movie theaters compared to bars and other indoor spaces. Most circuits invest heavily in air filtration and cleaning equipment. And in many states, attendance is still limited. Either by seating capacity or spacing requirements.

AMC CEO Adam Aaron faced a backlash last year at this time. It was later said that the circuit would not attempt to implement the terms. He then changed course, and in June 2020, Circuit No. 1 required a mask.

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