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Major game publishers are stepping back to the security of Hollywood’s back catalog.

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This week, the video game industry has been renewed with renewed energy. New announcement Indiana Jones gameAt the same time there are g James Bond Game in the worksAnd Ubisoft Announced it was working on an open world. Star wars game– For the first time in a new game that could happen in a distant galaxy, when EA’s exclusive deal with Lucasfilm ends in 2023, the big publishers hope Hollywood brings. The next popular game could be business-wise or just another fashion. In any case, it gives an ominous feeling of creative giving up just a few months into the next console cycle.

While Hollywood rushes to buy Movie rights, video gamesThe gaming industry now appears ready to rely more on Hollywood’s established blockbuster franchise. This is not a market collaboration that I am looking for, the two media (and the head of the organization, respectively) have a lot to learn and engage with each other. But spending years and hundreds of millions swapping old (mostly white) bad stories, Hollywood has matured itself with its own tail, creating sequels, and endless reboots –Independence Day: Resurrection, Jurassic World, GhostbustersCrossover in gaming feels even more tired.

“Some great studios are doing copyright games,” Geoff Keighley hosts the Game Awards. Wrote on Twitter yesterday.What is your dream studio / franchise collaboration that you hope to see someday?

Imagine your favorite developers building games in your favorite genre based on your favorite novels, such as Square Enix creating open-world RPGs based on Frank Herbert’s. Sand dunes Nothing new More and more of these fantasies will become reality thanks to the cost of making cheap balloons out of the Lee Pub.Look for safer bets The success of Dark Knight Movies leading to Arkham The trilogy was recently followed by Insomniac’s. Spider man and Miles Morales And even Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers: Popular studio background Tomb Raider The reboot runs to the beat of ’em based on everyone’s favorite Marvel characters.

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This isn’t a bad thing, and it’s not a guaranteed success, as Square Enix’s disappointment has. AvengersSome great games have come out of this pitching process. But it might also be a recipe for imaginary heat death. Hitman Producer IO Interactive is moving from its unique Agent 47 to stabbing a James Bond license. Wolfenstein Machine game developers revive Nazi-puncher and colonist theif Indiana Jones, meanwhile, for decades the stories feel fresh and relevant.

Disney is pulling Lucasfilm’s video game legacy out of the Sarlacc pit with Lucasfilm Games, a sign that the big media companies are likely to flood the market with new licensed games the same way it did with. Movies and TV showsOf course, all of this is based on existing practices, and they all belong to companies with a greater net worth than most of the country’s GDP.

EA has come under fire from a 10-year deal to become the exclusive publisher of the Star wars Only games will be released until 2019, three games in total. Now it seems that the monkey’s desire is being consented and we are going to get more.

“We want to work with the best in its class that can make great games on all of our IPs,” Lucasfilm Games vice president Douglas Reilly announced yesterday. In particular, Reilly said he expected the game to There are many “professionals” at Lucasfilm Games to help ensure developers shape their creative vision of modding Ubisoft games. For comparison During the last December investors call Disney announces nearly a dozen new Star Wars movies and TV shows.

And of course, there is something else. Star wars EA Games continue to work, an EA spokesperson said. Kotaku Yesterday, the terms of the exclusive deal with Lucasfilm had not changed and will remain in effect until 2023, according to a source with knowledge of the deal, only EA was able to release it. Star wars Games before 2023, after which the collaboration with Lucasfilm will continue. But will no longer be a privilege This means Ubisoft’s. Star wars The game won’t be out until after 2023 at the earliest.

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SThese games can be very good. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order In 2019 and 2020 Star Wars: Squadron It was fun, but I didn’t know we needed a dozen more budget games to try and play in that area. I just want to see Respawn or EA Motive build something original, so did Ubisoft for that. Despite the name that catches the eye Fenyx: Immortals Rising Pretty cool, although it received too much attention from previous Ubisoft and Nintendo games. Breath of the forest.

It’s easy to dream of how the studio could blend game genres and mechanics into a well-built and beloved fictional world. It is much harder to formulate all ideas and projects that will not see the light of day due to that media inclusion.

“None,” former Naughty Dog developer and The Last of Us director Bruce Straley. Written with friendly glitter. In response to Kyley’s thought experiment, “We need all the talent and money that are focused on creating new content, new IPs and innovating in the AAA Geoff space.”

Publishing blockbuster games has never been a bastion of risk and creativity. But it might stand still if it is further monopolized by a single culture for entertainment. So no, I don’t want to see BioWare rebuild. Star wars RPG, and I’m far from glee at the prospect of Machine Games trying themselves to try to restore Tomb Raider Indiana Jones to something less culturally obnoxious. It would be nice to see video games try to innovate.After all, where are Hollywood’s future movies? Come fromReally?

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