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Making fake CDC vaccination cards is a federal crime.

{Pro-coronavirus protesters  Outside the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on March 1<div class="e3lan e3lan-in-post1"></div>3, 2021, where national statistics show 1,873 deaths from the virus.

{Pro-coronavirus protesters Outside the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on March 13, 2021, where national statistics show 1,873 deaths from the virus.
Photograph: A. Elijah Nouvelage (Getty Images)

Various dingbats and wingnuts of pro-Donald Trump website are busy publishing detailed instructions on how to formally create a fake disease prevention and control coronavirus vaccination card instead. Has been filmed The FBI said doing so was a federal crime that could punish up to half a decade in prison.

According to NBC NewsDetailed templates and guides have quickly spread on right-wing forums like 4chan and TheDonald.win. Including an anti-vaccination board, the task was made easier by the decision of some governments to ditch the high-resolution PDF version of the card. Available on their website, fakers can be relatively small compared to 140 million or more Americans who received a valid CDC vaccination card that certifies the date a holder received a type of vaccination. Of vaccines and locations Some articles also describe the correct resolution and the type of stick labels used by some vaccination centers to mark the date on the card.

The coronavirus vaccine licensed for use in an emergency is safe and effective. Refusing to accept one of them without Very rare medical exemptions For example, entering into a shock after a previous vaccination, public health officials politely call it a reluctance to get vaccinated. The survey found that the number of Americans who said they would not be vaccinated against COVID-19 decreased, but a CBS News Latest Poll It found that 18 percent still answered “maybe” and 22 percent said no.

The reluctance was particularly high among Republicans and in Republicans especially Men, which can be caused by many factors, but is Easiest to tie Directly with the continued decline of the greedy emperor-emperor to the seriousness of the outbreak and Re-endorsement of Quack scienceConspiracy theories include everything from claims that vaccines contain tiny tracking devices created by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, to the absurd assertions that they are harmful, unnecessary, or political gimmick by Demos. Kat Some evangelical Christians have Refuse vaccine For reasons such as the vaccine, asinine is a false idol purported to exist. Abolished fetal tissueOr just trust in their health to God and God. Other reluctant Rightists have no excuse other than being a foolish person who is upset with the idea of ​​having to do something for the common good.

It’s not clear how many people are planning to buy or create fake CDC cards, but last year there was enough twitching to scam cards claiming to be medically exempt for the Department’s stamped masked documents. Fair that the DOJ warns that fake documents are a federal crime.

NBC reports that at least seven universities (American University, Bowdoin College, University of Colorado Boulder, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Fort Lewis College, Rutgers University and Wesleyan University) will use the cards for vet examinations to return to major corporate universities. Salesforce and United Airlines, for example, have also announced that they will use CDC cards when bringing employees back into the office. They will find it impossible to determine if the card is legitimate, as there are no publicly accessible paper corridors, and the speed of its launch has left no one building an electronic monitoring system. For national ID cards and driving licenses

“Paper is often less vulnerable to any accidental digital compromise,” Eva Velasquez, president of the Identity Theft Resource Center, told NBC. [the CDC card] It’s just a short-term solution to how we traverse the world temporarily and go back to normalcy again, it should be enough. But there are many things that are not known We don’t know how long this will last. “

According to NBC News, health officials in Missouri and Wisconsin confirmed that the CDC had advised them to remove the publicly accessible card template from their website, although at the time the template had been downloaded countless times and could still. It is accessible in the archive service.

“Initially, this information was included on the vaccineer’s resources webpage because there were times when a provider failed to get enough cards with a vaccine, especially when additional doses were retrieved before an accessory kit was available. At a larger scale, ”said a spokesperson for the Missouri Health Department.

Trump supporters and anti-vaxx losers are eager to continue their cooperation with the virus, merely being given the fake mark of the beast should be aware they may be prosecuted.

In late March, the FBI Warning Let the public know that ordering and creating a fake CDC card or filling it with fake information is not just the case. But it puts citizens at risk “it is a crime and it may be punished under Section 18 United States Code, Section 1017 and other applicable laws”. Reference law Regarding the use of any federal stamp in any “certificate, instrument, board, document or paper” fraudulently or illegally and imposes possible penalties with fines and imprisonment of up to five years

Anyone who shows a fake CDC vaccination card to their employer or other institution is at high risk of being expelled, expelled, or whatever, especially since the virus is not banned from. Fake ID and sick too After verification, the card can be a big red flag. All of this seems more inconvenient than acting to jab one or two times. But you make you scary

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