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Man jumps to death at Hollywood and Highland shopping center – Deadline

Latest update: Despite being worked for five hours by firefighters and mental health professionals. But a desperate man jumps from the shelf atop the Hollywood and Highland shopping centers to death.

A statement from the Los Angeles Fire Department stated that the man “Down in an area that LAFD air cushions cannot reach. LAFD firefighters and paramedics were on the scene to provide assistance if needed, but the man was beyond medical assistance.”

The appearance of this man on the shelf The show, which appears to be located between the Dolby and TCL Chinese theaters, received its first notice from the authorities shortly after 8:30 AM.

This isn’t the first time Hollywood Boulevard has been closed because a man threatened to jump into the street below the Dolby sign.

Hollywood Boulevard was closed just days before the Oscars there in February 2020 as the fire department attempted to contact an adult man described as a potential “jumper” sitting on a scaffold away from The road was about 30 feet. The incident ended in an impasse. And emergency workers withdrew around 2 a.m. hoping the man would climb down on his own.

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Earlier at noon: Hollywood Boulevard was closed Friday morning between the Highlands and Orange as a man threatened to jump from a ledge near the entrance to Dolby and TCL Chinese Theater, according to reports and video from ABC7.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported rescue operations at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, home to the Hollywood and Highland shopping center where Dolby is located.

The LAFD alert said that at 8:32 a.m. an “adult male threatened to jump about 60 feet from street level.” The alert went on to say that firefighters had installed air cushions under the person’s bottom. That and “LAFD has provided a two-leash system and is ready with a harness to secure mental health professionals to safely approach patients to help them deal with behavioral emergencies.”

The LAFD said 30 firefighters were deployed as it was expected to be. “Prolonged operation”

For ABC7:

Video from the AIR7 HD appears to show the first responder talking to the man. As he sits on a ledge above the front entrance of the Dolby Theatre, facing Hollywood Boulevard. Busy roads were closed to traffic as tensions eased.

ABC has now shown a video of the man.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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