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Manchin said he would continue to support Hyde Amendment.

Senator Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) said he would continue to support the Hyde amendment in the comments. Bloomberg Government on Thursday.

“I will support Hyde in every way I can,” Manchin said. The West Virginia senator is one of the few House members who have expressed support for the measure. which prohibits almost all federal funds for abortion.

Since Manchin is on the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, Manchin may require that the Hyde Amendment be included in any bill to reach the Senate floor.

“As a lifelong Catholic, I̵

7;ve always been a professional person. and believe the Hyde Amendment will help ensure that federal funds are not used for abortion anywhere in the country,” Manchin said. national review In a written statement in December 2020, “Repealing the Hyde Amendment would be foolish and I strongly disagree with this push from some members of Congress. If this law is brought before the Senate, I will vote to repeal the Hyde Amendment.”

Senator Bob Casey (D., Pa.), another Hyde Amendment supporter, reaffirmed his support in the comments to politics in May.

“I’ve always been at Hyde: I support it,” Casey said. “I think there is widespread conflict on this issue across the country. And now we have decided in the generations that Those who do not support abortion should not be taxed on abortion.”

President Biden said in 2019 he “can no longer comply with the Hyde Amendment” and that his administration’s proposed federal budget does not include the amendment.

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