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‘Many Saints of Newark’ postponed the release date again.

Viewers will have to wait to return to the world of “The Sopranos.” “The Many Saints of Newark,” a new film that serves as a prequel to the long-running HBO series, has postponed its big-screen debut once again.

The film will open on September 24, 2021 throughout the year after originally planned “The Many Saints of Newark,” produced by New Line Cinemas and released by Warner Bros. originally slated for September 2020, but It was later postponed to March 12 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Traditional Hollywood studios have spent the better part of last year postponing their biggest blockbusters due to widespread cinema closures and general uncertainty. This relates to the audience̵

7;s willingness to return to the movies after opening theaters again. But that’s not the impetus for “The Many Saints of Newark’s” recent delays, as it will launch simultaneously in theaters and on HBO, Max Warner Bros. is doing the same with the entire slate of 2021.

The shooting principles for “The Many Saints of Newark” started in early April 2019 and it was long before the epidemic spread and forced the film to shut down. As well as the HBO show, the movie was filmed at Silvercup Studios in Queens and on New Jersey locations. The postponement was not related to production either, although the cast and crew had to squeeze in several days of the re-shooting last September. Sources familiar with the film said they hope a new autumn release date will allow it to premiere on the film festival circuit and better position itself as a nominee.

David Chase, the creator of “The Sopranos,” co-authored with Lawrence Konner, famous crime drama veteran Alan Taylor, who is directing “The Many Saints of Newark.” Chase and Konner are producing with Nicole Lambert.

The film is set in the explosion of the Newark Uprising, when rival gangsters rise and challenge the city-dominating DiMeo crime family, Michael Gandolfini will play the younger Tony Soprano, the mob leader made famous by James. Gandolfini, his late father. The cast also features Alessandro Nivola, Leslie Odom Jr., Jon Bernthal, Billy Magnussen and Ray Liotta.

“The Sopranos” ran a six-season HBO show spanning 1999 to 2007. The show, considered one of the best of all time, won an Emmy Award and numerous other awards. Over the years

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