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Mare of Easttown: 20 Ending Questions Must Answer | Television

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episodes one through six of Mare of Easttown.

Mare of Easttown has become a real phenomenon. The thriller revolving around a small-town detective far from tracking the sexual harassment and murder of a girl is quite the least original. But there’s great acting (Kate Winslet is one of the best actors working today), surprisingly comedy (Jean Smart is hilarious), and a wide range of suspects has been. Proven to follow The show also features drug addict Stephen King. Who knew a group of bearded men in flannel shirts were so attractive?

Here’s everything we need to learn in the last episode.

Who is in the photo?

The outline looks like two people in bed: one is taking a picture and the figure is lying on the back. Does it reveal any romantic involvement? Or the figure behind him is a child? if this is the case should be a dj And the one in the foreground could be the real father.

What is clear is that this photograph must have seriously undermined Mare’s mind if Chief Carter wanted to call her right away. I don’t believe it’s just: “You’ve got the wrong brother!” I think the person in the picture is closely related to Mare.

What happened at the Ross family reunion?

John (Joe Tippett) and Mae (Kate Winslet)
Maturity … John (Joe Tippett) and Mare (Kate Winslet) Image: HBO

John tells Billy during the “confession” scene that Mare “knows what happened in the cabin,” but we’re still not sure. Although there are plans as Billy and Erin start their relationship there or make it work. But John is suspicious as hell. And he was there too. Relationships and necklaces may be related to him. Isn’t it his brother?

Kenny told police during a visit to the prison that Billy advised him and Erin to stay in his cabin. Maybe because Billy wanted to be close to Erin. But it could be that Billy is trying to protect Erin from John, if it’s actually the villain John. meanwhile Kenny didn’t treat his daughter properly. So have to ask him questions.

Do they need a reunion when they meet every day?

That’s a very good question.

Is Billy guilty?

The blood that covered him was not a good look. But his confession was forced by the suspect, John, in a way that could be considered intimidating. But if Billy is Naive, why confess?

Maybe he was involved but didn’t pull the trigger. Was he responsible because he helped the killer move the body or felt responsible for her death? He was so drunk that he couldn’t remember what had happened. which allows John to seduce him. It could be that Billy had some blood in him from trying to save Erin.

Is John guilty?

John was very suspicious. But now he felt too suspected to be the culprit He could be the father of the DJ. That said, he appears eager to make excuses for himself, claiming to give Frank an excuse — even taking a picture of a drunken Frank on his phone.

Is John having an affair?

Maybe not for three reasons. First, Lori tells Mare she hasn’t noticed any signs of a relationship. Second, Ryan doesn’t say he knows John is having an affair – he just nods when Lori. Recomendation and third John tells his father that Lori “thinks” he’s having an affair again.

If John doesn’t have an affair What is the secret between Ryan and John?

Some people think that John might have become a serial abuser: he might have insulted his son, Ryan; his cousin’s daughter Erin; and possibly even attacking his younger brother Billy during his childhood. This might be why Billy yelled at him that someone wanted him to “take responsibility.”

Can we trust Laurie?

Lori (Julianne Nicholson) and Mare
Best friend? Laurie (Julian Nicholson) and Mare Image: HBO

The idea that the lovely Jenny from Ally McBeal is the bad guy is hard to accept. However, she tells Mare that Billy confesses to being the DJ’s father, but we don’t see Billy confess to it, so unless it happens off-screen – This would be a huge omission from author Brad Inglesby – either she or John created it.

The way John pleads with her to take things from Mare to “protect our family” shows that she knows a little.

Who was the kid who painted his face at the event, staring at Betty Carroll and creeping her out?

Have you forgotten him, random teenager – or BRUTAL KILLER?

Are murder weapons relevant?

almost certainly Because the missiles were parachuted in one scene to tell us the gun was an old, discontinued police weapon decades ago.

Who owns the other half of the heart pendant?

This will answer the DJ’s dad’s question – and reveal who has a taste for flattering jewelry.

Will the DJ ever undergo ear surgery?

Who knows. If the US has a good public health care system? Perhaps these could have been avoided.

Is Richard Baddie or Goodie?

Richard (Guy Pearce)
Just a good person? Richard (Guy Pearce) Image: HBO

Richard seems unsuspecting to me, but Guy Pearce is a pretty big name and has nothing to do with the main storyline. Maybe he’s there to prove that good men do exist. by any means It was brutal for Mare not only to dump him to date Zabel, but also to dump him on his birthday. Richard and Mare seem to have a happy ending as part of Mare’s personal growth.

Will Richard write another book?

Of course, he has new materials. The body was piled up.

What about the secret deacon, Mark?

Perhaps the least helpful friend. don’t lie often And back to the scene, dude, that’s the 101 rule

Will Carrie be taken care of by Drew?

she tried her best Do two jobs and keep it clean. and good luck with her It’s likely that the extremely stressful shower scene will be a moment of realization that she will find being a single mother difficult. It may open the door to more cooperation with Mare and Mare’s mother Helen.

Where was Dylan on the night of the murder?

Brianna (booooo!) admits Dylan wasn’t in the house in the middle of the night. time is important When Zabel admitted that the case he made his name on was not his real success. And he missed a key moment in the timeline. The alarm bell should have started to ring. All of the lead characters have given the cops a timeline on murder night – and we know Mare’s because Helen blames her for coming home “at 3:30.” Somewhere there will be plenty of time.

What’s in the journal?

IMPORTANT QUESTION It doesn’t look good that Dylan forbid Jess from reading it, especially if – as we have to understand – he knows what’s in there.

Is the dining room in Mare’s house too underused?

without question Study well because there is already a large table in the kitchen.

What do we do when the show is over?

It’s a mystery

The Mare of Easttown finale airs in the United States on May 30 at 10 p.m. on HBO and in the UK on Monday, May 31 at 9 p.m. on Sky Atlantic/Now TV.

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