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‘Mare of Easttown’: What Real Life Residents Think About the HBOBO Show

There are little crime writers who love more than the absurdly violent little towns where everyone has something to hide. Characters are denied the identity of the big city. Here, everyone knows everyone. have a history with everyone Barely attached to the little privacy they sew out of sight. But when the killer tore the thread of one life Everyone in society could feel the pull and the secret of the frayed clothes.

Of course, in real life, small towns aren’t always the best crime scenes. Many people never really talk to their neighbors. And happy to forget the troubles of an ordinary daughter̵

7;s ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend. You remember her. Sometimes the drama is whether people are going to raise taxes to upgrade the sewer system. This brings us to HBO’s “Mare of Easttown,” and the real city of Easttown in Philadelphia’s farthest suburbs. In the famous crime show, Easttown is a gruesome killing ground where many young women are abducted and captured or brutally murdered.

“I don’t remember when the last murder took place, if so,” said Marc Heppe (pronounced “heppy”), the chairman of the Easttown Township’s supervisory board, which agreed to be interviewed Friday about the real Easttown before his birth. “Mare of Easttown” Finale A massive conflict ends with “many NIMBY stories” — new developments and more traffic. But the villagers take pride in the performance. “We have posted a banner on the municipality’s website, Brad Ingelsby, director of special meetings at our library. I would say that the people here are just as happy. together for him and his work.”

The following Q&A has been condensed and edited for clarity.

How big is East Town?

East Town has a population of about 10,500, about eight square miles.

When was the last time you talked to a reporter? Do you remember?

Uh, no, probably never.

So no one called to ask about this TV show?

No, I don’t know which supervisor they called, contacted the police chief, he was consulted on filming … funny you should ask if a reporter came to town last week and she wanted it. See what the real Easttown is like and she says, ‘Oh my god…it doesn’t look like it. It’s like there’s a lot of crime here’ which one is real.

Portrait of a man wearing a tie and smiling.

Marc Heppe is Chairman of the Easttown Township, Penn. Board of Supervisors.

(John Ansley Photography Studio)

Are you the mayor of Easttown?

No. A mayor is a borough. A small town is a county in Pennsylvania … A borough has a mayor as opposed to a boss.

Easttown has no mayor?

No, there should be no MAR-E here, as the highlight of the area is the Devon Horse Show, which is well known for its racecourses and is clearly unique in this country: its village-village style. Opposite to the countryside somewhere It’s pretty similar to where I’ve been. heard in Europe

You’re telling me there’s no East Town mayor. But there are many females in East Town.

There may be many mares at the annual horse show. I don’t know if I confused you.

No, I follow everything that happens around town. How often do people talk to you about the “Mare of Easttown” show with you? Is it something people talk about?

You may know the social media site Nextdoor as a frequent topic of discussion. At least in the beginning This topic often surrounds Kate Winslet’s, my guess is the ability or lack of this to replicate the Delaware County, Pennsylvania accent. That seems like a big topic of discussion — if she’s doing well or not.

Have you ever watched “Mare of Easttown”?

I’m not. I’m probably the only one living without HBO. I’m waiting for Netflix or Amazon Prime or something like that.

So you don’t have any theory. about who killed Erin

i don’t know anything Apparently the police chief knows how this ends.

How would you describe East Town?

I’ve lived here for 36 years. It’s a nearby community. It is a residential community with a relatively small business district. Route 30 runs east to west through the northern part of the city. and all businesses are located along that length. which I would say is about a mile and a half long. Friendly community, low crime, great school district community. Funny. I was in the Easttown neighborhood, watching before I became a supervisor. I’ve been doing that for about 20 years, and I’ve been a supervisor for 12 years, and the crime statistics 30 years ago are pretty much the same as they are now. Nothing much happened Maybe that’s why the show wasn’t filmed here.

East Town, as depicted in the TV show, has murder, kidnapping, drug abuse problems. There were many people whose families seemed tense and divided. It doesn’t represent a very sunny East Town.

We have a good real estate market. Build new houses, sell them, people want to live here. And what you hear most often is not committing a crime. But maybe more often than that, it’s the quality of the school … I know the screenwriter-director lives here and goes to school here and just bought a new house here. Maybe he was trying to relive something from his past.

To me it seems like a play on mare mare making people think this is about the Devon Horse show, but it’s not to my knowledge.

In the TV show, one of Kate Winslet’s character plots is that she won a legendary basketball game 25 years ago, and that’s what people remember her. In that area, is that something you remember – the sporting achievements of the locals 25 years ago? It’s a very ordinary television show. And I wonder how realistic you think it is.

It’s quite realistic. Some of my friends I grew up with There was usually one topic that was about the same, running back from local high school to the Eagles, so I really said that.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about Easttown?

We are honored that our names have been thrown out there. I think everyone is proud of that fact… It’s a very friendly Philadelphia suburb. I won’t say nothing is happening here, but very little… I’m trying to find a way to fund the fire brigade and stuff.

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