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Mariners’ James Paxton sustained an arm injury and left the start of the first season.

James Paxton had his first 1-2-3 innings but left the game before the end of the season (Getty)

SEATTLE (AP) – Left-hander James Paxton left the first start of his second stint with the Mariners due to the forearm in his pitching arm after throwing just 24 pitches against the White Sox on Tuesday night.

M was wounded twice, losing to White Sox 10-4 after Abreu’s Grand Slam.

At first, Mariners said Paxton had elbow discomfort. But after the 1

0-4 loss to Chicago, both manager Scott Servais and Paxton described it as a forearm injury.

Paxton, who is still in a dugout to watch after he leaves the slopes, will undergo an MRI on Wednesday.

“It is very frustrating. I felt that for me it was one thing after that again, ”Paxton said.“ I worked really hard and did whatever I could to get out and I would keep doing it. And wish I could have rest and good health “

Paxton grimaced after throwing a fast 92 mph to Chicago’s Andrew Vaughn, on one second inning, Marines manager and coach Scott Servais immediately entered the slopes as Paxton bent over with his hands on his knees. After some talk, Paxton walked away and was replaced by Nick Margevicius.

“I felt it was going to happen and by the time the third hitter came up, it got worse and worse and it felt like,” Paxton said. The field “

Paxton, who spent the past two seasons with the New York Yankees after playing his first six years at Seattle, returned to Mariners in February on a one-year deal worth $ 8.5 million. $ 1.5 million to start games: $ 150,000 per game for six through 10 and $ 750,000 for start 11-22.

He had surgery in February 2020 to repair a herniated disc and removed a few cysts from his back with a 6.64 ERA in five startups in New York last year before it was also shut down. Strain the left arm flexion

Paxton said the issue with his arm felt different than the one he dealt with last year. He said there was more pain than last year, which made him more optimistic.This could be less serious than he had previously feared.

Paxton said the phase was a strengthening breakthrough in the forearm in hopes of putting problems behind him.

“I came in tonight, I’m pretty sure I’m going to do well. But it turned out that it was too much for what my baby squirm was ready for, I guess, ”Paxton said.

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