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Mario Golf: Super Rush review: Nintendo’s latest game isn’t weird enough

the best super mario Sports titles go a step further than the games they try to emulate. You don’t have to worry about cars or racing and you can have fun. Mario KartAs you don’t need to know who Pep Guardiola is to have fun. Super Mario StrikersSports is just the beginning. From there, Nintendo designers have expanded their horizons with all sorts of interesting and innovative ideas. Mario Golf: Super Rush:which was released on the Nintendo Switch. some Of this, there are familiar characters with special powers. A course with strange obstacles and a new mode that should emphasize speed above all. Ultimately though Super Rush Ended up feeling too much like golf.

Super Rush At least get the basics right. Swinging a stick feels good. and that̵

7;s true Whether you are using a standard controller or Wii Sports– Motion control style This game is a Nintendo game that is often done. which is easy to pick up But it also provides good depth as you begin to learn how different golf clubs work. and how to add spin to your shots Golfing works well enough. and added with some Mario features such as strange obstacles. (You can use a tornado to get the ball into the air) and the character’s unique powers. (There is a special shot that hardens the ground. impact or create an annoying lightning storm)

That’s fine if you want to play with your friends for a few rounds. But many modes get in the way of fun and Super Rush It’s especially tiring if you want to play solo.

First, there’s “acceleration”, which is at the forefront of the game’s innovations. This is a mode that emphasizes speed over precision. The idea is that after you shoot You will run after the ball to shoot the next one as fast as possible. the faster you The better your score, the better. In practice, running on the golf course is tiring and slows things down. It took me 160 times longer to run than the game hit me there. This might be forgiving if running is fun. But you have to bear the stamina and limited action. (including mostly useless jumps) that turn the whole process into a chore. (Worse is If you finish the hole faster You still have to sit and watch your opponent play. even in single player mode)

There’s also an “Adventure” mode, which plays out like a typical golf RPG. You play as a Mii character who goes through the process of becoming a Mushroom Kingdom pro. talk to characters Earn skill points to upgrade your Mii and fight bosses. good idea but never elevated past games in the series, for example. Mario Golf: Advance TourIt leans much more heavily on the role-playing elements and has a surprisingly entertaining storytelling. back to a simple story that made me skip the conversation to move on to the next tournament. (This usually means playing faster golf.)

The highlight of the package is Easily “Battle Golf”, the fastest mode in the game. It is a nine-hole course that takes place in a gigantic stadium. The goal is to lose the first three shots. While navigating things like thumps and bombs, it’s basically. Mario Kart Rock, but for golf and it’s very fun moreover The match ended quickly. This makes it almost an ideal party experience.

I couldn’t help but wish that the game had the same crazy feel as Nintendo’s golfing. I wanted more weird courses and modes. Full of color is dragged down by a story mode with a gritty story. and an accelerated version of golf, which really and quite late still have fun especially with two people hitting the ball on the same switch but while Super Rush get the golf part right but lacks what makes super mario special game

Mario Golf: Super Rush: Now available on Nintendo Switch

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