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Marjorie Taylor Green may be politically safe. But her conservative Georgia crowd is concerned about her strategy.

Her latest incendiary comments have followed her home to Georgia’s 14th Congressional District in the northwest corner of the state, and public relations have not been welcomed. “Green defends genocide comments,” reads the banner headline front page in a newspaper box outside Oakwood Café in Dalton.

Greene’s political stability in a district where 75% of voters support former President Donald Trump last November does not mean all of her elements favor her role as the flamethrower of the United States. GOP Or do they agree with the latest anti-Semitic opinion? That she used to rally her supporters

In interviews with nearly two dozen voters in the district this week, some Republicans who voted for the new congressman expressed shock at her careless comments when comparing the terms. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi̵

7;s guise on the council room against the actions used by Nazi leaders to target Jews during the Holocaust, some questioned the motive behind the maneuver to seek the attention of the Greens and said they. Ready to support other Republicans to take her seat – even if a formidable nominee has yet to emerge.

The flocking crowd attended Greene’s “America First” rally on Thursday night, with imperfect Florida agent Matt Gaetz in Dalton, the heart of Greene’s Conservative District, greeted her with admiration as she voiced support. In full force about Trump’s lies in the 2020 election stolen. Without interest, she made comparisons between Democrats and Nazis, arguing that the coalition “loved” President Joe Biden during a discussion about the move. The settlement then expressed a sense of racism in what she described as her. “Mexicans are really bad accent.”

Inside the Oakwood Cafe that morning, Phil Neff, 78, who backed Trump paid for breakfast amid the morning bustle. He later told CNN that he believed Green. “There is more interest in myself than serving the community,” but added with a resignation note. “That’s what people choose”

“I don’t think she is helping herself. But from a political standpoint, I think her organization is growing, a lot of money is pouring in from the local market, so she might be so strong that no one can beat her, ”said Neff, who supported another candidate in GOP primary last year. Then said He declined to say whether he voted for Green last November and said he would. “Consider who the opposition is” before he can vote for her new election.

Huge support for Trump in the Green District But concerns about her growing profile

When pulled into Dalton’s historic downtown, about 30 miles southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a large sign proclaimed it. According to Dalton’s visitor office and surrounding areas, 90% of the world’s carpets are produced and the industry employs more than 30,000 people in Whitfield County alone. But the downtown area looks like most of the others in America’s main streets: there are coffee shops and flower shops, restaurants and taverns, pawn shops, clothing boutiques and home and auto repair shops.

A man walks through the Greater Dalton Camber of Commerce.

“I’m more concerned about the bad publicity Dalton, Georgia is getting,” Neff said when asked about Green’s growing national profile. Dalton, Georgia is known all over the world for developing carpets, that’s what most people know. But now it is known that everyone in Dalton is a supporter of Marjorie Greene – and they are not. “

Brandyn Parker is a 37-year-old Republican leather worker at a downtown shop. On Thursday, standing outside the store with a leash, Possum said she was also concerned about how Green’s comments contributed to the perceived GOP and the 14th District. Parker voted for Trump. In 2016 but skipped the 2020 election because she didn’t feel there were good options at the top of the ticket.

“I feel like what you think and say – and of course, what you have next to bigger than that – that makes people think everyone in the Republican Party feels and thinks that way when it’s not. True, “said Parker. She added that she did not understand Green’s Nazi Germany claim, “wearing a mask was nothing compared to disaster”.

Brandyn Parker, 37, stands in downtown Dalton on Thursday.

Wayne White, a retired conservative who voted for Green in November, although he did not support her during the GOP convention, the Georgia congressman’s comments said it was “inappropriate”.

“I don’t think anyone compares anything to the Nazis and catastrophes, it’s a different world,” White said during an interview in Rome, Georgia, hours before the Greens. “She was ineffective and she would not continue to be effective as long as she argued, she had no support from the other Republicans.”

Greene’s controversy has created problems for the GOP nationally and in Georgia.

But Green also has plenty of defenders in the Republican base, although she accepts past QAnon and other conspiracy theories, racist and Islamic rhetoric and past Facebook comments and videos discovered by CNN’s KFile. Which she says supports the famous Democrats run.
A campaign banner displayed behind the truck in Dalton.
A new congressman who tried to hold Trump’s sign of condolences while employing his weapons’ no-apology tactics took office in 2020 after defeating neurosurgeon John Cowan in the GOP runoff after both. The pair finished in the top two of the main nine. Her Democratic opponents dropped out of the September general election, citing “Personal and family reasons”

In the short months of her stay in Congress, Greene has caused a headache for her party, not just the harsh criticism of Democrats. But it also destroyed Republican leaders at the GOP meeting.

Republican strategists, both nationally and in Georgia, were concerned about her digression, as well as her interest in admitting violence and conspiracy theories consistently sending other GOP politicians without. Pay attention to the messages as they are forced to answer for her Edge theory. And comments

Over the past week, Greene defended her comparison between the masking policy on the house floor and the Nazis, insisting that she said aloud “normal people speak at home at the kitchen table”. Ligan would come out to condemn her words – where minority leader Kevin McCarthy called them “scary”, but she doubled.
The Daily Citizen-News homepage is seen in Dalton on Thursday.

During a rally with Gaetz on Thursday, she went one step further by comparing the Democrats to the Nazis during a touch of the Biden’s economic aid policy.

Green was one of Trump’s fiercest defenders of the lie he won the 2020 election, and her appearance with Getz in Dalton was intended to show support for the challenges it advocated. Going forward, Georgia’s results, although there is no extensive evidence of voter fraud

Voters praised Greene for being outspoken.

But while Republican voters have often dismissed Trump’s bogus remarks to justify him, some voters in this Georgia conservative praise. Greene for her sincerity.

Robin Deal, who has been working in human resources and supporting Greene in 2020, suggested that Congress members’ statements were misleading.

“I don’t necessarily agree with that statement,” Deal said in an interview in Rome with CNN’s Martin Savidge when asked about Greene’s comparison between mask terms and the Holocaust. “But I agree with your right to speak.”

“I believe she, like I say, represents the people, she speaks as a normal person, not as a politician,” Deal said.

Josalyn Shults, a 41-year-old nurse who voted for Greene and Trump in 2020, said no one should compare it to Nazi Germany, but argued that Greene was raising the right issue about mask requirements.

Josalyn Shults, 41, a nurse from Dalton, stood in town on Thursday.

“It felt like people were getting some of the rights they were used to,” Shults said.

Sandra Campbell, another Georgian voter, said she believed Green and Trump represented. “Real America”

“I’m patriotic. I love America. People have fought blood and died for this country. It’s time for people to go back to the real America,” Campbell said. And Marjorie Taylor Green, people think she’s honest. But she stands for what is right. “

When asked what Greene meant, Campbell said: “God and country, and that’s what we want for our children.”

And when asked about Greene’s latest comments comparing the mask to the Holocaust, Campbell replied: “Well, you know, we’re all imperfect, don’t you?”

However, Campbell noted that she did not know exactly what Green had to say about the disaster. But said the comparison is applicable to the restrictions and vaccines of COVID-19, which are authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Steve Karakos, a semi-retired Rome voter But working as a contractor was one of several Republicans who voiced their displeasure about Greene’s remarks, but said he was likely to continue to support her.

Member of the Georgia Congress, he said. “Speak honestly like a pitbull”

“I think that’s what we want on the Republican side,” he said.

He was uncomfortable with some of the comments that Greene made, but they were unlikely to influence his vote.

“I will vote for you one more time,” said Karakos, “because the loudest person is the one I just heard right now.”

CNN’s Martin Savidge and Donie O’Sullivan contributed to this report.

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