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Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was the victim of bullying from Democrats.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was a victim of bullying, not a Democrat.
  • She identified a number of grievances on Newsmax, re-introducing her sarcastic AOC as “Citizen lobbying”
  • “They are people who are not aligned,” she told the Right-wing Network.
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green tried to turn a chapter about her behavior against political rivals on Friday when asked about the latest video of her sarcastic agent, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Speaking to Greg Kelly on Newsmax, the right-wing network, Greene described several confrontations with Democrats she said had made her a victim of aggression, in contrast to what she saw as a manipulative media narrative.

“They accused me of being aggressive and saying my manners were wrong,”

; she said.

Screenshot of Agent Marjorie Taylor Greene talking to Newsmax's Greg Kelly.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene talks to Newsmax’s Greg Kelly.


Green has been harshly criticized several times for confrontational behavior and advocating for legitimate causes, the latest Wednesday following Ocasio Cortez on Capitol Hill “screamed”, according to witnesses. At that time, she incorrectly said Ocasio-Cortez Support terrorists

Shortly thereafter, a 2019 video emerged before Greene was a member of Congress, showing her and her far-right co-worker. Ocasio-Cortez Through the mailbox of the New York office, call her “baby” wanting to “get rid of your diapers.”

Speaking to Kelly, Greene described the action as “Citizens lobbying”

Close-up cell phone screenshot showing Marjorie Taylor Greene laughing on camera, speaking through Alexandria OCasio-Cortez's mailbox, and walking away.

Marjorie Taylor Greene in a 2019 video outside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office.

CNN / Inner Circle

Earlier this year, there was a 2018 video showing harassment and mocking Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, who survived his anti-gun stance.

Green was released from a committee assignment in February after a series of incidents arose as a result of her endorsement of political violence.

With that in mind, Greene told Kelly Friday, “There’s no ethical violation against me, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Kelly was keen to create a similar caption in his interview, saying Democrats, for example, Ocasio-Cortez and Eric Swalwell, who also criticized Greene – are “choosing you”.

Marjorie Taylor Green Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

MTG has challenged AOC in a discussion of pay-per-view TV about the new green deal.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images and Caroline Brehman / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Green agrees, says “They don’t know what to do with me because I won’t back down and be intimidated by bullying tactics.

She cited several cases she said were bullying from Democrats:

Brawl in January with Missouri Rep.Cori Bush Where bush is power But when the incident was first reported, Bush said it was Green who beat her in the hallway after she asked Greene to be properly masked.

In a live video stream from the end of the encounter, a shouting sound can be heard for Greene wearing her mask.

Controversy with Rep. Marie NewmanWhich in February embroidered a trans flag on what Greene described as a “offensive gesture” outside of her own office. She also accused Newman of slamming her shoulder “aggressively” while walking beside her once.

Newman did not immediately respond to the group’s request for comment. A video of Newman’s flag can be seen here:

Visit of Guam’s Parliamentary Representatives Michael San Nicolas in March, when the National Guardsmen offered cookies and books to Greene’s assistants outside her office. Green was not in the office at the time.

The gesture came after Greener mistakenly made the CPAC that Guam was a foreign country without American aid.

In their interview, Kelly and Greene expressed it as harassment.

“I saw political events organized by our forces marching them into your office, which I found to be intimidating,” Kelly said.

“Thank God I’m not there,” said Green.

Green did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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