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Marjorie Taylor Greene said she would recommend an article on the prosecution against Biden.

Newly elected Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) On Wednesday said she plans to file a lawsuit against the president-elect. Joe BidenJoe Biden, a growing number of GOP lawmakers, said they supported impeachment through a measure demanding Pence to remove Trump Disney.Walmart said they would block donations to lawmakers who oppose college election results rather than. On the first day of tenure next week

between Appearance on Newsmax Wednesday evening, Greene, lead supporter. President TrumpDonald Trump, a growing number of GOP lawmakers, said they supported impeachment for YouTube, temporarily banning uploading of new content on Trump’s channel, through measures calling for Pence to remove Trump further.It said she was planning to introduce a measure to impeach Biden on Jan. 21, the day after his inauguration.

“I would like to declare on behalf of the Americans. We have to make sure our leaders are accountable. We cannot have a president of the United States willing to abuse power to run a president and be bought. Easily It is issued by a foreign government, a foreign Chinese energy company, a Ukrainian energy company, so on January 21 I will file a lawsuit against Joe Biden, ”Green told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly.

Greene did not specify how the article might charge Biden.

But Greene in the interview cited A progressive argument made by many of Trump’s allies In the final months of the campaign for re-election as Vice President Biden threatened to hold off on loans to Ukraine if General Viktor Shokin was then not replaced.

Shokin, at the time, was investigating the founder of Ukrainian natural gas giant Burisma Holdings, where Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had been a member of the board since 2014.

The United States has threatened to withhold approximately $ 1 billion of loan guarantees if Shokin is not replaced as prosecutor general, a message Joe Biden sent to officials in Kiev while serving as vice president and told during the Council on Foreign Relations. 2018 year

Taylor Green Share clips From the 2018 conference on Wednesday, writing “Quid Pro Joe, in his own words…” and “Americans will not do this.”

While Biden took advantage of aid to persuade Ukraine to oust Shokin in March 2016, it came amid widespread criticism that Shokin did not pursue allegations of corruption among the country’s politicians.

The former vice president has denied the show with regard to his son’s business interests and there is no evidence of criminal activity from either Bidens.There is no evidence that Hunter Biden’s work has influenced US policy.

In her Newsmax interview on Wednesday, which was aired hours after the House voted to impeach Trump for a second time, Greene said she plans to file an article on the impeachment to show Americans that “There are Republicans in Congress willing to stand up for them. ”

I strongly believe there are people in the office who are really willing to do this job, and I can’t imagine people in this country so afraid of the future of Biden as president that they might be willing to take violence like them. Done in the city hall here in Washington, DC, we can’t have that, I don’t condone that violence, ”said a congressman.

Trump was indicted in December 2019 for abusing his power and obstructing Congress to pressure Ukraine’s elected president to investigate the Biden family’s deal over the phone.He was acquitted by the Senate-controlled. GOP last February.

Last week, a serious pro-Trump uprising in government agencies came after Trump urged his supporters at an earlier rally today to march to Congress against the election. The lawmakers’ college official election against Biden’s 2020 presidential win, repeated claims that the election was “stolen”.

Greene’s pledge to move to prosecute Biden the same day the House votes in favor of an impeachment article against Trump charged with inciting militants in government agencies. Ten Republicans sided with Democrats in 232-197 votes

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