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Mark Steyn pushes Biden’s ‘gun grab’ at executive order

‘Fox News Primetime’ moderator Mark Steyn responded to President Biden’s proposed gun control measures, saying: “The more he insists that nothing is blocking the Second Amendment, the more ammunition sales will go through the roof. only”

Markstine: Amendments are part of the constitution, and the constitution are certainly constitutional – at least until they can make the judges decide the constitutional unconstitutional which a judicial decision should come in. Today, possibly from the ninth cycle in practice, the measures include stabilizing pistol braces restrictions that Joe Biden claims to allow for the handgun as a precision low-recoil rifle. Tall, and is also easy to conceal a handgun. New rules to close But another loophole called “ghost gun”

; that you can build yourself, “ghost gun” is one of the spooky new words they came up with. National “Red Flag Law” allows a family member or law enforcement to go to court to suspend individual Second Amendment rights and supporters of gun control as the head of the ATF.

Boy, I can’t wait to see the impact of these movements on child shootings in Chicago every weekend.

Watch the full interview here.

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