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As most people think of Mark Wahlberg, bulging biceps and abs may arise in their minds.

But the 49-year-old actor, known for his rigorous exercise regimen, is ditching his torn body in order to change roles in the next film.

Wahlberg wrote on Instagram on Saturday that he “He gained about 20” pounds and plans to “An additional 20”

“Yeah, it’s for a role,” he added, captioning a video of himself in the gym.

Wahlberg did not say what role he gained weight, though. But the actor revealed in early April on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He plans to spend his money on the role of a fighter-turned-priest in the new film.

“After we filmed the boxing scene, I had to add as much weight as I could in the film,” said Wahlberg. “So I’m challenging myself to put 30 pounds in the next six weeks.”

And Wahlberg took to the challenge by returning to his Instagram on Tuesday with a side-by-side photo comparing his body three weeks ago to what he looks like now.

The actor told Kimmel he was working with professionals. To gain weight as healthy as possible

“My friend has been using this regimen for a long time, I just want to eat everything that is visible,” he said. “I want to go to the bakery, I want to go to Denny’s, I want pancakes, I want whatever. Can do it “

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When asked what his first meal would be like when he started trying to gain weight, Wahlberg suggested 20 chicken nuggets, hot wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a six pack beer.

Wahlberg is not the only celebrity to show body transformation. Will Smith, 52, took to Instagram on Sunday to share how much he left the exercise slides. Highlighting your upcoming workouts under the title “Best Shape of My Life”.

Will Smith is committed to ‘The best body of my life’ Alicia Keys Celebrates With Fans On YouTube Series

“I’m going to be really smart – I’m in the worst state of my life,” the actor / rapper captioned a picture showing his breasts, belly and legs. After the announcement of the show, Smith shared a more open Instagram post explaining how he earned the extra money.

“This is the body that has taken me through the pandemic and countless days grazing through the pantry,” he wrote in the caption. “I love this body. But I want to feel better, no more midnight muffins… this is it! ”

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