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Mark Wahlberg, Jason Mantzoukas Starring In Infinite Trailer

Sure, Mark Wahlberg stabbed a plane with a samurai sword and held on as it flew through the skies, and Chiwetel Ejiofor hunted the same talking Mark Wahlberg and his best friends over the centuries as they all reincarnated. time after time Stronger but the most fun of the new Paramount+ infinite The trailer is Jason Mantzoukas, whose costar as an extremely cheerful reincarnation technician. “This time, I like you,” he enthuses as he leads Wahlberg in to “reset memories,” a process involving leaking steel pipes that seems extremely unsatisfactory.

But back to the idea of ​​the film. Do you find yourself drawn to places you’ve never been? according to the upcoming action movie infiniteBased on the author D. Eric Maikranz’s reincarnation papers And it launches in Paramount+ on June 10th. That’s probably because you’re an Infinite warrior who can heal skills. He or she retains his or her personality (and personality) while reincarnating through time. Suitable for kicking ass on construction cranes. less for the escape of yourself that judges your existence as an abomination. and all of you will be destroyed. Still, the thrusting skill might make it worthwhile. In what life did Mark Wahlberg learn how to do so? It seems that it must be quite fast.

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