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Martha Stewart faces backlash over getting a COVID vaccine.

“I’m in the age group approved for this vaccine and I’m looking forward to everyone else.”

Martha Stewart received the COVID vaccine yesterday at a holistic care center she opened two years ago in New York. She decided to share the news in a post on Instagram alongside the video she was filming.

It is now worth noting that Martha, 79, and yesterday, people in New York who are over 65 are eligible for the vaccine. So Martha is perfectly in her right to shoot … but many Instagram commenters were unhappy about it.

“I guess the rich come first,” wrote a comment. “I have liked and followed you for over 30 years, but this isn’t. [right]. ”

“How is Martha considered the front line ???” skeptical another commenter.

Several commenters noted that Martha was able to get the vaccine before the vulnerable family member received it:

And a few healthcare workers, in the comments, share that they still can’t get the vaccine:

People generally have a lot of questions about how Martha could soon get the vaccine and claim her privilege is a likely factor. (I mean, she was vaccinated at the medical center. Named after herSo there is some truth to that argument.)

Martha now addresses these criticisms in the caption of her post.

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“I am proud and grateful to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who are wading through these critical red tape and vaccination confusion,” Martha wrote. Will be encouraged “

“Doctors told me Mount Sinai received 10,000 applications right after the state launched this vaccine. This is a breakthrough in science and a heartfelt thanks to those working on the vaccine. We all hope to end the pandemic.” Of this disease “

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And Martha ended her message by replying to someone who implied that she “Jump over the line” by receiving her bullet

“To ease your worries that I am pushing my limits, I know I am in the age group approved for this vaccine and I am waiting with everyone else.”

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You can check out Martha’s full answer below:

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