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Martha Stewart’s vaccine video comes with a disclaimer –

The lifestyle mogul posted a video Monday on a verified Instagram account showing she was vaccinated near the Martha Stewart Center for Living in Mount Sinai Downtown in New York.
The 79-year-old steward explained that she was not receiving any special care as many countries tried to administer the vaccine amid the record-breaking infections and deaths.

“To ease your concerns, I am empowered to note that I am in the age group approved for this vaccine, and I look forward to sharing it with others,”

; the caption reads.

Stewart is proud and grateful to the doctors, nurses and medical staff for wading through the red tape and the confusion in spreading these important vaccines, she said.

“I am excited to receive my dose and look forward to receiving support,” she said. “Doctors told me they received 10,000 applications from Mount Sinai immediately after the state released the vaccine.”

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