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Maryland extends vaccination rights to everyone starting Tuesday.

The change was announced Monday as government officials in the Washington region and across the country push to vaccinate as many people as possible, hoping to halt a rise in caseloads and patterns. Various deadly viruses

Authorities in several northern Virginia jurisdictions, including the Fairfax County, Prince William and Loudoun, and the city of Alexandria, open the Corona Virus vaccine to the rest of essential workers. These include people working in waste disposal, housing and construction, food services, higher education, information. Technology and communications, media and legal services, as well as barbers and hairdressers.

Arlington officials said they hope to follow suit by the end of this week.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) said the state would open vaccinations to the general public by April 1

8 and Mayor D.C. Muriel E. Bowser (D). On Monday, a number of eligibility days were postponed in her city from May 1 to April 19.

Bowser said. The city should have By May 1, leisure centers, libraries, museums and unnecessary retail businesses will be able to operate at 50 percent capacity, up from 25 percent. Weddings and Conventions. Business and special events will be permitted indoor and outdoor at 25 percent capacity, although waivers will be required for events with more than 250 people, indoor and outdoor school graduation, and award ceremonies. Allowed with capacity limit

Bowser said the indoor and outdoor city pools, which remain closed for all last summer’s services, will be available at 50 percent capacity.Live entertainment theaters may open at a capacity of 25. The percentage starts in May, although patrons will be required to sit in it during the show. There is also a live music performance at the al fresco restaurant.

Maryland officials urged residents to be patient, warning that the appointment would not be immediately available for all new eligibility. While the state said eligibility was extended specifically for Maryland residents, officials described the vaccine intake as federal property and said eligible non-state residents would not be eligible. refuse

Six vaccination sites are operating in Maryland, with three more scheduled to open this week in Montgomery, Prince George and Baltimore. People can register for an appointment through the federal vaccine website or by calling 855-MD-GOVAX.

Many vaccination sites in Hagerstown will begin accepting walking patients on Tuesday, attending the Salisbury facility, which halts appointments on Friday, Maryland Health Minister Dennis Schrader told lawmakers of the States that M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore will begin offering walk-up imagery next week. He said the state was trying to target young people and was working with universities to vaccinate 54,000 students before they left campus during the summer break.

Although it will depend on the supply from the central government But Hogan said he expects anyone who needs the vaccine should have it no later than April or May. He said recently the state had vaccinated as many as 75,000 people a day and that more supply would be needed to get it. “100,000 miracle numbers a day that our system can handle”

He said the state’s goal is to “eliminate, end and close all 12 of these large sites” when anyone in need of vaccination can be obtained at a pharmacy, at a doctor’s office, or through another provider. We want to run as many people as we can, thousands a day, because time is not our friend in this fight, ”Hogan said.

As of Monday, 18 percent of the Virginia population received their full vaccination and 32.8 percent received at least one shot, according to state data. About 12 percent of DC residents received their full vaccination and 23 percent had received at least one shot, city data show. In Maryland, state data found that about 31 percent of residents took at least one dose of the drug.

The average daily number of coronavirus infections skyrocketed in Maryland over the past month, according to The Washington Post, from 12 per 100,000 residents March 5 to 21 per 100,000 people in the day. Monday

The seven-day mean for those hospitalized with COVID-19 was 1,331 on Monday, compared with 1,098 in the past month. But the new average daily death toll of seven days remains relatively stable, ranging between 13 and 18 over the course of the month.

Hogan said one of the reasons he extends immunization to people aged 16 and over is that the age of hospitalizations in the state is declining. “Young people feel they are bulletproof. Or they don’t have to worry about it. But now we can see that they really need to worry about it, ”he said.“ We are seeing fewer elderly people getting sick or being hospitalized or dying because 76 percent of them are getting sick. Vaccinated “

In the past five weeks, the proportion of new coronavirus infections affecting people over 60 has decreased dramatically, said Ted Delbridge, executive director of the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. He warned people that you should be vaccinated. “COVID-19 is a serious disease,” he said. But the person closest to you, the person you love, may not be this lucky. “

In Virginia, the number of new daily cases remained relatively consistent, with an average of 16 per 100,000 people as of Monday, compared with 17 in the past month. The median seven-day number of hospitalizations fell to 1,024 from 1,301 on March 5, according to state data tracked by The Post.

In addition, there were mainly plateau-area patients, with 17 new cases per 100,000 on Monday and on March 5, the median of seven-day hospitalizations was reduced. Down from 242 a month ago to 219 on Monday.

Bowser said city health officials “expect more cases this month” after Easter and school holidays. In these cases will be reduced “

She announced the expansion of a vaccination clinic at the Walter E. Convention Center. WashingtonThrough cooperation with Safeway And the launch of a “high volume” vaccination facility on Friday at the Arena Stage on the southwest coast.In partnership with MedStar Health and the DC Health Department.Appointments for both clinics will be set up through DC’s online portal and call center, Bowser said.

The Department of Health said the city should receive twice the amount of the currently federally allocated vaccine to accommodate the large number of essential workers living in Maryland or Virginia. But working and vaccinated in DC, the city has received about 25,000 times a week according to the per capita formula of the Biden administration and has been seeking additional doses since December.

Erin Cox and Julie Zauzmer contributed to this report.

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