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Massachusetts Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker – The Boston Globe

With vaccines limiting to nearly seven million residents and reluctance in some communities, Massachusetts’s long-awaited end of the COVID-19 epidemic is at hand. But we have not yet reached

When the state announced plans to launch the goal of vaccinating 2 million people by April and the remaining 3 million by June. Around mid-January 206,000 The resident received the first drug.

The two drugs, produced by another local company Moderna, are Pfizer and BioNTech holding a pledge to quell the epidemic, claiming more than 13,000 deaths in Massachusetts since March 2020, however. There are major barriers to finding individual residents over the age of 1

6 who are vaccinated: production delays, delivery delays and storage requirements for each drug upon arrival in the state. Not to mention, surveys show that groups such as Republicans, church attendants, and blacks and Latinos were rather reluctant to join the vaccination program.

The interactive graphic below shows the number of residents who have received the vaccine. It is also zero in the population group, showing which parts of the state and sub-communities were vaccinated compared to others.

Use the tools below to find out which parts of the different population groups in your state are vaccinated. This tool will be updated as more information becomes available.

See who has been Vaccination: