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Matt LeBlanc at the “Friends” Reunion Becomes an Irish Meme

Irish Twitter has decided stills of actor Matt LeBlanc from Friends: Reunion Very specific but ubiquitous Irish uncle’s specialty channel

You see, it’s in a position where LeBlanc is sitting, his arms crossed, and his reserved but questioning face. You could combine this look with any father or old man. But it clearly resonates strongly with Irish people and has some unique characteristics. (tip of the hat to @theofluffycat For collecting a lot of these on hilarious topics!)

As a non-Irish I dare not explain Irish things to Irish people. So I ask for an explanation

According to some Irish people online, the country̵

7;s specific “uncle” is a type of man. “Extremely salty,” “full of ingenuity and cynicism,” wrote user @noclarity74.

User @dervlamcneice said the classic uncle. “Laggy, but ultimately healthy and well-intentioned,” says user @dervlamcneice. “Stuck in talking at a family wedding”

He “roughly” loves “his cow and you” and “drinks like a fish,” said @HawHillFarm.

He tried to understand the alternative lifestyle and career path. but never got it

He must be mocking your favorite artist. He doesn’t know who’s on TikTok.

He was there during the tender family time. but only a small amount of support He just wanted to sit in his chair.

Ireland I hope I can understand and synthesize your meme well. It’s a nice meme.

It’s unclear if LeBlanc had any idea of ​​the impact he’d created in Ireland, just having it and sitting.

It’s like he’s going to discover the meme six months from now and hand his iPad over to someone else.

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