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Matt LeBlanc was dubbed ‘Irish Uncle’ by social media after ‘Friends’ reunion.

Matt LeBlanc went viral after the reunion of “Friends”, but not to commemorate playing his beloved character Joey Tribbiani in the comedy series.

Social media dubbed the 53-year-old the “Irish uncle” because of the clothes, folds and facial expressions in the HBO Max special.

“Matt LeBlanc was your uncle at the wedding by buying you too many beers and getting your name mixed up with your siblings while lovingly rolling your eyes at your drunken aunt to Dancing Queen,” one tweeted.

“Matt LeBlanc looks like your uncle will still be sharing Matt LeBlanc’s meme on Facebook six months from now,” another joked.

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Social media users from Ireland further narrowed down how LeBlanc reminded them of certain family members.

“Every Irish family has at least one great uncle or uncle – the extreme salt of the Earth character, full of ingenuity and cynicism. Matt looks like a typical Irish uncle in the photos from his reunion from his arms. folded according to facial expressions one user explained.

The ‘Friends’ stars revealed that they had real-life interests with each other during a special reunion.

“My favorite version of Matt leBlanc meme is the way he supports your lifestyle a lot. Even if he doesn’t quite understand,” one fan laughed.

“Who wore it best, #mattleblanc or my dad!!” asked someone.

“Sitting with the family on Christmas night after having the last few drinks and leftovers. That’s all, the kids are together for another year!” said another.

“The kind of lad you have a fair job of explaining to your non-artist after getting your liberal arts degree,” someone laughs.

The ‘Matt LeBlanc looks like an Irish Da’ meme wasn’t enough and I think I’ve found a winner,” one person wrote.

“He looks like an Irish uncle with a golden heart. He’s backward, stubborn, loves life, family, cows and you. Hugs like a bear, drinks like a fish, talks his hind legs and punches the fat guy who slapped your gay partner,” another pointed out.


“Friends: The Reunion” is streaming on HBO Max.

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