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Matt Rhule played defense after Teddy Bridgewater criticism.

After Teddy Bridgewater fired a strike in the former team’s training routine, Matt Rule had a chance to counter.

He was “disappointed”

A second-year Carolina Panthers coach addressed the topic to reporters Wednesday night after his former quarterback commented on his podcast “All Things Covered”.

“When you have 140 men in the locker room, they will sometimes disagree with something,” Rule said.

“But I feel really good about what we do. I want to make sure I feel really good with the way we practice and our process. I̵

7;m disappointed to hear he doesn’t feel the same way.”

Bridgewater doesn’t feel along with the Panthers.

What did Bridgewater say that disappointed his former coach? He was unhappy with the way the team prepared for the game under first-year offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

“I’m going to say this for Joe Brady’s growth, that organization, they have to practice things in different ways,” Bridgewater said, according to the Associated Press. That we didn’t practice for just 2 minutes, we weren’t practicing in the red zone. “

As reported by the AP, the Panthers were ranked 28th in the red zone last season, with Bridgewater five on 11 interceptions this season.

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 29: Head Coach Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers watches Teddy Bridgewater # 5 during a warm-up against the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on October 29, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson. / Getty Images)

Matt Rhule was forced to play defense in public after Teddy Bridgewater criticized his coaching routine and Joe Brady. (Provided Halverson / Getty Images)

Rhule was an NFL rookie last season.

The Panthers hired Brady last offseason from LSU, making him the youngest coordinator in the NFL at the age of 30.He was the architect of LSU’s statistical pass attack performed by Joe Burrow during the Tiger’s defeat to the tournament. National Championship in 2019

Rhule was also the new NFL hired out of college last season after a successful turnaround at Baylor, a routine he and Brady fitted out of Bridgewater, which the Panthers traded to the Denver Broncos. Ghost was last month after buying Sam Darnold from the New York Jets.

“I guess the game is about science and it’s trying to keep men healthy,” Bridgewater continues. “You didn’t train there on Friday. But you walk through the red zone and on Saturday you come out to practice the red zone.

“But you only get 15 reps. Guys staff are limited.

Rhule spoke hot about Bridgewater after the Panthers signed him on a three-year, $ 63 million deal during the last offseason. Bridgewater made $ 24 million in his single season in the Carolina after earning about $ 20 million combined in the first six seasons of his injured career.

“I wholeheartedly believe who he is as a defender,” Rhule told Around the NFL in May. “I believe in his ability, I believe in his arm strength, I believe in his precision, I believe in his decisions. But other than that, I know he’ll make people much better. ”

The relationship appears sour after the disappointing 2020 season. Bridgewater is now Bronco and Rhule is left to defend his coaching style in public.

“I feel really good about our preparation and the amount of work our coaches have put in and the amount of work our players have put in,” Rule continues. That is really intelligent “

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