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Matthew McConaughey Addresses Mask Hesitation Amid Rumors He’s Running for Texas Governor

Matthew McConaughey spoke against Mask’s hesitation during an interview about job opportunities in Texas.

The Oscar-winning actor has joked for months that he was considering running for governor against candidate Greg Abbott in Texas. On “The Carlos Watson Show,” the actor was directly asked how he would deal with the political schism if he were in a position of power someday.

In addition to calling for an end to the solution with band drugs. He is also running the discussion of masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. to underscore the often illogical political divide he sees among Americans.

“I think that’s the best example in my opinion. Last year was a controversy over the politicized mask,” explains the young actor. “I̵

7;m going, ‘Come on, I don’t believe you’re really scared of this little cotton. I don’t believe you feel like it’s taking away your identity and freedom.’ This is a short-term inconvenience for freedom. in the long term”


Matthew McConaughey Speaks Against Mask Hesitation

Matthew McConaughey Speaks Against Mask Hesitation
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The CDC recently revised its recommendations about wearing masks amid the pandemic. Previously, the CDC had instructed people to wear masks at all times, both indoors and outdoors. If it is not possible to maintain a 6-foot distance with others, however, many are opposed to the mandate to compel masks to be worn in public.

McConaughey added that he believed the mask was a small price. that Americans have to pay to protect and respect their fellow humans. And he was disappointed to see so many people not putting their money where their mouths were in terms of protecting others.

“There’s no information that says it’s bad,” he said of the mask. “There is no information that says it is dangerous. Let’s get one for the team here. We like to say we want to get it for the team. We want to say, ‘Oh, the value of human life is a good example…’ No, no, we won’t accept it.”

This isn’t the first time the actor has spoken of his reluctance to wear a mask. in March He explained that he He was “baffled” by the Abbott government’s decision to reopen the state contrary to the then-CDC guidelines.

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“My reaction to that was I was a little intrigued by that decision,” McConaughey told “CBS This Morning” at the time. ‘Pull the mask mandate'”

“I just want to remind you that Not just processing but everyone there It’s not the mask we’re afraid of. Come on, it’s the word ‘mandate’. Don’t let the word ‘mandate’ deter the practicality of this little tool. called a mask Today is just a minor inconvenience for more freedom tomorrow,” he added.

This Texas native is joking with the idea of ​​turning to politics. He recently told the host of “The Hugh Hewitt Show” that “it depends on the people more than I am” whether he turns his career into politics or not.

McConaughey had previously criticized both sides and found it moderate, condemning the entire political system as more of a problem than either side. He criticized what he called “illiberals” and “extreme” during appearances on “Good Morning Britain.”

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The celebrity supports gun control. Calling gun violence an “epidemic” in 2018, he called on both sides to unite and discuss solutions.


Mentioned on The Hugh Hewitt Show in March. The actor noted that both sides of the corridor were lost. “trust” with each other, which leads to “we don’t” [having] believe in yourself,” which may eventually lead to “Anarchy”

Fox News’ Melissa Roberto contributed to the report.

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