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Matthew McConaughey, candidate for governor of Texas Say that the anti-mask can’t ‘Really scary’

Actor Matthew McConaughey has questioned the anti-mask’s true motives while mocking his possible bid for Texas governor.

During an interview with OZY’s Carlos Watson ShowMcConaughey has suggested that people who are strongly against wearing masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic are disrespectful about why they do so.

McConaughey argued that the issue had become too political. and encouraged masks to be small sacrifices that would eventually pay dividends.

“We have to make sacrifices to get the grand prize tomorrow,” McConaughey said in a preview clip posted Thursday of an unaired interview. “I think the best example of my money last year was the politicized mask dispute.”

“I said come on. I don’t believe you are really afraid of this little cotton,” he continued, “and I don’t believe you really feel that. that took away your identity and freedom This is a short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom.”

McConaughey went on to say: “There is no data” that indicates that the mask in any way is harmful or “bad” urges anti-mask masks. “Take it for the team” for a greater benefit.

Matthew McConaughey, Governor of Texas  wear a mask covid-19
Actor Matthew McConaughey, who did not disqualify the 2022 gubernatorial candidate, said recently. McConaughey was pictured attending the US F1 Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas when November 3, 2019
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Watson introduced rumors McConaughey was considering running for governor of Texas and asked the actor if his prospects for entering the political world would give him a “buzz” or “challenge.”

McConaughey said: “The challenge will surely come. But I don’t know if that’s the buzz.” “I don’t mind putting on a bunch of Band-Aids that will be torn as soon as I leave. I’m interested in building something that will last.”

McConaughey said he hasn’t decided yet but is “measuring” a possible future beyond acting, while still unsure whether it will happen in the political arena.

The actor also said politicians are often judged unfairly only on short-term success. without taking credit for the policies they initiated. But only after they retire.

When asked if he would have a “constitutional” for the center of difficult political debates, McConaughey stated that he believed he would.

“I trust my core beliefs enough and my values ​​enough to feel comfortable listening to my opponent. [belief],” he said.

Opinion polls indicate that McConaughey could beat Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott in 2022. Dallas Morning Tribune and The University of Texas at Tyler found that Texas voters preferred McConaughey over Abbott from 45 percent to 33 percent.

A national poll released by Piplsay in the same month found that 41 percent of all Americans supported McConaughey’s nomination for governor, including 29 percent who supported the show of his potential alongside the actor’s presidential campaign. and former professional wrestler Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

Newsweek Contact a McConaughey representative for comment.

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