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Max Holloway: ‘Hard to be mad’ about losing to Alexander Volkanovski when ’80 reached 90 percent of the world thought I won the fight ‘

Max Holloway has not drowned in the past, despite losing a controversial decision to current UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovsky in his last appearance in Octagon

As he prepares to make his comeback for a major showdown with Calvin Kattar at UFC Fight Island 7 aired on ABC, the 145-pound ex-king understands his frustration when it comes out in the wrong end of things. Which he believes is a bad scorecard.

Holloway admitted the punching from the loss was a little easier to admit after hearing from several fighters at the UFC who still rank him as the best featherweight in the sport. While nodding to him over Volkanovski during a recent meeting.

“It means a lot,” Holloway said when speaking to MMA Fighting on Wednesday during UFC Fight Island 7. “That̵

7;s why the last fight was so hard to do. It’s hard to go crazy in the final fight because what you say 80 to 90 percent of the world thinks I won the fight.

“Not just the fans are competitors. It’s a guy who likes Nate. [Diaz], Dustin [Poirier], Justin [Gaethje], Jorge [Masvidal], People like coach, coach of the GSP [Firas Zahabi], ‘Big’ John McCarthy, the man who followed the rules. I’m not too crazy about it. “

Following that decision, Holloway was one of the strong supporters of open scoring in mixed martial arts after he had the opportunity to see the system work for himself while sitting next to the cage to get cards. The latest Invicta FC in Kansas

All Women’s Fight Promotion conducted an open scoring test with the Kansas Athletic Commission, where fighters, teams, and spectators were told how the referees rated the punches after each round.

In addition to open scoring, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping has recently raised questions about judging responsibilities, officials may re-enable bad scorecards on a regular basis. But it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

On Holloway’s part, he doesn’t pretend that he knows all the answers. But the 29-year-old Hawaiian couldn’t help but hope for change in the future.

“I know how I feel about the open scoring and I hear how the boss is. [Dana White] I feel about the open scoring, ”Holloway said.“ At the end of the day, that’s how they feel. But that won’t shake my stance. We ended up going to Kansas and watching Invicta fight and seeing how it went down, and there were a lot of answers. The way I think it will affect the fight negatively, it’s not really. It’s cool. We’ll see what happens.

“Again, as I mentioned, John McCarthy ‘Big’ held classes for judges and stuff. I don’t know what the answer is I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. But I think sooner or later they’ll figure it out and we’ll find out. ”

Perhaps the biggest downside of the controversial decision is that Holloway has now dropped two fights on Volkanovski overall, meaning he might have to work harder to find a third inning.

Nothing seems to distract Holloway from his current job as he retains the same stance in arrangements for cuttars in a first-ever non-title fight. Since 2016

“I told you when I got the belt – it’s just what shows the world I am a champion,” Holloway explains. “Will I carry myself as a championship belt or not wear it? We will go out there and fight. I love fighting I love fighting

“People say it’s hard to get up. I still fight five [minute] Round. Championship. Still, we are on ABC. I know a lot of pay-per-view fighters to kill for in this position, so at the end of the day it still feels the same. The fight is a fight for me. “

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