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McConnell, Republican, says Biden’s administration accepts 1619 scheme, needs to stop: ‘divisive nonsense’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and fellow Republican Republicans called on President Biden’s education division to block a planned historic study proposal calling for the 1619 project.

McConnell wrote to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona with more than 30 of his GOP colleagues, outlining the newly proposed priorities for American history and the teaching of citizenship as “the cause of death.” “Nonsense that is divisive”

“Americans do not want or want their tax money to be diverted from promoting principles that unite our country to promoting violent ideologies that are meant to divide us,” wrote McConnell.


6;1619 PROJECT’ with ‘1776 REPORT’ are urging schools to refuse. ‘IDEOLOGICAL Toxic Thing

The Education Department published a new proposal on April 19 for federal funding guidelines designed to promote In a positive example, the Department of Education cited the “culturally responsive teaching” program at K-12 schools. The 1619 “landmark”, a source of information for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History, and a modeled “anti-racism” by scholar Ibram Xkendi.

Project 1619 is an organization of the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times magazine that examines the long-term effects of slavery in America. It was released in 2019 to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the first African slavery arrival in the Virginia colony in 1619, some historians have raised concerns about certain claims. In other words, slavery was the main reason the colonists fought the American Revolution.

Some conservatives pan the work as an attempt to rewrite history and ignore the 1619 program curriculum taught in schools. In opposition to the 1619 project, former President Trump established The “1776 Commission” released a report in support of what Trump called “a” 1776 commission “. “Patriotic education”

Shortly after taking office, Biden canceled a commission that his team said. It “seeks to erase America’s history of racial injustice” and remove the 1776 report from the White House website.

Bid to help Trump’s ‘1776’ committee

McConnell’s letter to Cardona underscored broad concerns that the school was so deep into the cultural war that it was devastated by teaching its history and citizenship lessons to its students.

McConnell and his GOP colleagues regretted that Americans had no expertise in basic citizenship, such as naming the three federal branches. On the other hand, some schools and the federal government are trying to inject the propaganda that “Severe divisions and suspicion of the past” entered the classroom, the senators wrote.

“Programs that support taxpayers should emphasize the virtues of the shared citizens that bring us together, not drive the harsh agenda that separates us,” they write.

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The Ministry of Education’s proposed approach targets small voluntary funding programs. The study week noted that the American History and Civics grant received $ 5.3 million in federal funding out of an estimated $ 74 billion budget for the department.

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